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for Outtake: Racing Into Knighthood

12/1/2013 c5 8Sparks' Stories
Great ending to the story. Ahsoka and Cara contributing to the tribes charity was a nice touch and by the sounds of things the former was glad to get the chance to view the similarities between Nevada's people and her own.

The talk between Ahsoka and her former master was also interesting, remembering the words Anakin spoke to her on Christophsis after their difficult first mission together. It was nice to see Cara reassure her though and promise that she would always be there if she needed to talk about any other flashbacks or dreams.

Some nice little hints about things to come in the future too and I though the PSA was funny to picture.

Overall I think the story turned out great.
12/1/2013 c5 4ahsokatano191
That was a good Chapter I do hope to see a sequel :) goodjob, I would actually like to read a one-shot about the disscussion that Ahsoka and the Grandmaster has about relationships

may the force be with you

11/23/2013 c4 8Sparks' Stories
Lucky that Gloria showed up when she did. I was wondering what would happen to throw Lester off attacking Ahsoka, but I'd completely forgotten Gloria was out testing Oz, so it was a nice surprise to see her be the one to intervene before Ahsoka was ripped to shreds. Ahsoka's use of the force to lift Oz over the destroyed crossing was also very impressive, though Ii forget how far she's come as a Jedi and isn't just a Padawan anymore.

Calhoun's idea to shrink Brad and Razorback and carry them was very clever and I almost feel sorry for Vanessa, almost, after Ace's last ditch intervention all but ended her hopes of winning.

I thought Matt and Nevada's encounter with Miles and Maxie was pretty funny too. The "Rumor has it a stork brought me" line was brilliant and Maxies offer to use his mask to numb the pain even had me shaking my head :-P.

Great chapter and I look forward to reading about Ahsoka learning some new things about Native American culture and discussing the similarities with Nevada next time out.
11/17/2013 c3 Sparks' Stories
Wow, what a cliffhanger!

Brilliant amount of action in this chapter. Vanessa seems to be the only competent of VENON in the race, which must be very frustrating for her since she's also seemingly been left to deal with the rest of MASK on her own after Bruno's many mistakes and her other team mates' failures.

I liked the little moments of comedy here too, the observation from Ahsoka about how weird the VENOM guys were made me chuckle and I thought you handled the few awkward moments well, though I'm sure poor Cara would think otherwise :-P.

The ending of the chapter, like I said, was a pretty big cliffhanger and I can't wait to see how Ahsoka handles Lester and Iguana without her lightsabers.

Nice work as always Count.
11/13/2013 c2 4ahsokatano191
Please update
11/11/2013 c2 8Sparks' Stories
Good to see that Cara is sticking close to Ahsoka but also taking a step back to see how she conducts herself as the lead Jedi while getting used to the stares and whispers, I'm sure they will lessen once the races kick off and she's judged more on her ability on track rather than how she looks.

Hopefully Buddy is able to find Ahsoka a good bike to use during her race as well as help to integrate her into how everything works. It will be cool to see how she gets on once she's given her vehicle and if or when she gets the chance to test drive it before the big race starts up.

Nice work again, Count.
11/4/2013 c1 Sparks' Stories
Great to finally get to read this.

The note that the PNA received was very unexpected, I wonder if it is indeed Darth Stinger who's involved with the supposed attempt to sabotage the race or if there's more too it than meets the eye at the moment.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Ahsoka handles her role as a lead Jedi but also how Master Cara deals with taking a step back. It'll be great to see them together again too on another mission, it almost reminds me of Anakin and Obi-Wan teaming up even when the former was a knight, hopefully this is just as successful.

Interesting also to see that the Mayhem brothers are up to something away from the track, that's sure to make for an interesting subplot and I wonder if Ahsoka and Cara will catch on to it if the brothers do indeed find that cactus.

Great first chapter and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest.

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