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11/9/2013 c1 9Athlete Girl
fuck rick
11/7/2013 c1 30Nova802
I'm still trying to make sense of this storyline in a way that feels true to the characters and frankly, from everything I've read, I suspect I might prefer to stick with this one. I disagree with Rick's decision because no one, not even a Daryl or Michonne, can make it on their own. But at least here I feel the sense of history and connection between the two of them. Are you planning to continue it?
11/4/2013 c1 3peonies01
Hello? Um...this is almost exactly what happened. I couldn't read this story the other day, but now it's all the more chilling. Yikes! Well done!
11/3/2013 c1 46deanandjo4ever1
Please continue this story .
11/3/2013 c1 mrskaz453

Rick is so right and Carol deserves this, but she still doesn't get it...and she's still thinking that Daryl will find her again, save her again... .Damn it...

What Carol did was cold blooded murder... It's different then what Rick did to Shane, but the same as what Carl did to that kid... I kind of wish Rick would have pointed out that Carol didn't do this for the group, she did it for herself, because of SOphia...

This could be a really good story... I like that Rick left her and that she has consequences... I just hope she learns to save herself and not have to be saved...again
11/3/2013 c1 197Therm
A beautifully written idea and a thoroughly enjoyable story.
11/3/2013 c1 2missdaryldixon
So happy you're posting again! I loved this, but damn you Rick for leaving her D: Great writing as always. Are you planning a Caryl multi chap soon by any chance..? :D

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