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7/31 c10 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
This is brain dead. How is Sora losing to Kimimaro? What a joke for a terrible story.
3/31 c4 Aedwards179
he should be stronger than her even without kurama. with sage mode.
3/31 c2 Aedwards179
I always wonder why In these time travel fics they always become leaf ninja again. like wouldn't it be smarter to stay in the shadows and hunt the Akatsuki. sure they can tell the hokage who they are and that'll help get reports of there whereabouts from jiraya and Itachi but it would be much smarter to just ignore the village and hunt them and protect the Jinchuriki
3/31 c2 Aedwards179
why's there always gotta be a handicap like that smh
2/12 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana


www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

1/20 c16 hooplah
I quite like this story it is quite slow but an interesting take. I'd like to make it clear before outlining my one frustration with it.

Hinata's arguement about Sasuke seems to have spotty logic to me. She points out all of the bad stuff Sasuke did in the previous time line. But then she argues not to change it and let him receive the mind effecting seal containing Orochi's soul? She then critices Naruto's blind spot? And the Hokage indicated some agreement with this in a previous chapter (which indicates to me slightly that she isn't supposed to completely wrong in character).

Honeslty Naruto's viewpoint (which have been thoroughly less explored via dialogue) could be boiled down to: he was a very strong ninja, he did bad stuff before, let's stop him making those mistakes. That seems to me to be much more logical and much less impacted by a blind spot to Sasuke.

I'm hoping that this interaction is instead supposed to indicate some flaws on Hinata's side (especially as you didn't reveal who killed her team), I think I would personally be quite unsatisfied if there is a firm conclusion that letting Sasuke get sealed was the right course of action.

Aside from these specifics I do think it is a very interesting take having two time travellers having internal conflict over how to improve the future. This seems to me to be the biggest differentiation between this fic and others and is generally quite interesting.

I also really enjoy particularly Hinata's interactions with Kurenai and her younger self. They're quite sweet and melancholy.
1/19 c15 AvatarUzumaki
seriously getting tired of sasugay. if the guy doesn't change or doesn't want to I really really really hope Hinata just kills him and saves so many freaking future problems. seriously Naruto he tried to kill you multiple times! anyway great chapter and I. super curious to know what happened during that fight that Hinata doesn't want to remember. and who is the mysterious man she is fighting? I look forward to reading the next chapter
1/3 c13 Guest
Let Sasuke face his demons by letting him get the curse mark, even though the true of making sasuke face his demons would be knowing the truth abouth the massacre.
1/5 c16 9Dragon Man 180
Dang, Sora needs to up his Sage Mode sensor skill usage. Byakugan is good, but with Sage Mode he can do a much wider range! I can't wait to see if he can catch Orochimaru or not.
1/3 c16 NaFemaleGem
thanks for such a quick update. I'm excited to see how the chuunin exams differ. happy new year!
1/3 c16 sumiko808
Happy New Year! Thank you for updating! The talk Hinata gave to Sasuke was very much needed. And I’m glad that he seemed to consider what she said. He’s not alone and can rely on his friends.
1/3 c16 2JustLucky05
Nice, very nice! I enjoyed the talk that Naomi gave to Sasuke. I can't wait to see where this goes, keep up the wonderful work.
1/2 c16 4Flameraven
Ah, the butterfly effect is truly starting now.
1/1 c15 NaFemaleGem
I read this a long time ago and I still love it. please update soon! happy holidays!
11/27/2021 c15 18BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
Oh wow. I binged this story and I find it incredible. And this was fairly recently updated. I sure do hope that the updates will be more frequent.

Despite that the future Naruto and Hinata are married, it seems there are still some things that they've kept from each other, especially on Hinata's side. Hopefully though they'd be fully honest with each other and help deal with each other's demons once they reveal them.

I've been wondering though if they intentionally didn't have a child yet due to the war, but I'm also curious if they might consider having a child while they are in the past? I know this is rated T, but I'm kinda hoping there would be some brief mentions or hints of them being more intimate in the story eventually.

Anyway, I really love this fic and I'd like to commend you doing a wonderful job with this.
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