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for Not So Alone

11/4/2013 c1 itsi3
I'm hoping she does run into them!
That would placate my confusion for Daryl standing in the prison yard in the previews.
11/4/2013 c1 50jessie 33
Wonderful one shot, I personally would love for Daryl to leave the group to help Carol so she wouldn't be alone. If Rick doesn't accept her he loses both Daryl, and Carol, I personally would love that on the show. I hated the episode lastnight it upset me but your one shot made me hope this might happen on the show. I would rather Daryl and Carol stay part of the group but I hate thinking she is all alone with no one to help her.
11/4/2013 c1 4Daryl'sVixon
Hope it goes this way, with Carol running into them and Daryl bring her home
11/3/2013 c1 83Erzsebeth Bathory
For this being your first TWD fic, this is very well done, well written, and I would HOPE the writers would have Daryl react to Carol's banishment the way you had him react here.
11/3/2013 c1 TheRealSonia
After tonight's episode, it's good to read this. I'm pretty sure that on the show, Daryl won't go look for Carol (damn writers), but one can only hope. At least, we have fan fictions like yours to keep us happy. Thank you for writting it.
11/3/2013 c1 12CinderWitt
Now, I can actually see this happening. Would be awesome if it did! Although, I understand Rick's reasoning.

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