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for Attack on Dragon!

7/18/2016 c1 Guest
Please... Die..
2/2/2014 c14 1Those2WhiteKids
Fairy tail ftw
12/16/2013 c9 2Lancelot Seiten 1
This is goood.
So now the female titan makes an apperance.
Hope you update this soon, cause this looks like it will be a rather good fight.

LS 1
12/9/2013 c7 7Wasser Von Fisch XVI
Ugh, they still fight titans... It's contrast with the title... S-t! I'm OUT!
12/6/2013 c7 2Lancelot Seiten 1
Got to say, the trial (not trail) Eren got didnt look much like a trial, but more like a like farce just to just stick it up ass for the priest and Military Police. I seriously dont know how you come up with this, but it was really funny. And I rather like the judge in this trial.

looking forward to the next update.

LS 1
11/27/2013 c6 Lancelot Seiten 1
Read the story so far and I think that it is good and interesting, but arent you underestimating Eren and Armins power? Cause the titans are really weak compared to them, and all the have to do kill the titans is destroy a part of the neck.
Also arent you making some of the titans regenerate waaaaayy faster than they are supposed to? cause in the previous chapter it seemed like you made a titan regenerate pretty much its entire head in a few seconds, and they normally need atleast 1 minute or so just for both of their eyes.

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