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12/3/2020 c7 Question
Is this pepperony? It’s good but I normally only read pepperony when it comes to the avengers.
10/8/2020 c11 Hurricane-Chibi
Love your story can’t wait to see what your write next
8/3/2020 c12 samgabbuddybali
7/18/2020 c11 6cshen.julienne
It was a fun read :)
5/29/2020 c12 harmsome1
Hello? Figured i would check and see if you were still alive. *waves*
4/10/2020 c12 Guest
I wonder if you’ll read this?

Will you every post the rewrite?
11/7/2019 c12 4Snowblizzard 6789
i am sorry for your loss and when you are in the writing mood.
read my stories when you have the time
10/26/2019 c12 AthenaRosier
still waiting for the update of this fic
10/18/2019 c12 angelflower2000usyahoo.com
I know this is way after the fact, but I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I can only imagine the pain of losing your mom. I am very disappointed that you didn’t continue this story, because I absolutely loved it. I hope to read more from you, and I hope you decide to continue this sometime in the future. All the best!
10/18/2019 c6 Angela Molina
I love this story, but you’re not consistent in some areas. Hermione went from being 8 in the last chapter to being 10 at the beginning of this chapter and then 9 at the end of this chapter. So how old is she?
10/18/2019 c5 Angela Molina
I love this! Hermione as Tony Stark’s daughter is BRILLIANT! Tony has definitely met his match!
5/6/2019 c1 12sn0wy.mk21
that is sooooooooooooo cute :)
5/4/2019 c12 Guest
I hope in the very very very very near future that you could update more in this story and bring up more mat
Rvel heroes/characters and more actions. Tony stark is such a doting father. Hermione in this story is a very lucky las. The're cute really.
4/27/2019 c12 Guest
Really hoping you update this! I love this sooo much. I’m hoping everything’s going okay with you!
4/21/2019 c12 dawnknits
I hope it amuses you that I'm 44, and reading your fic. I just talked with my husband last night about how I think "the Orville" is just Seth playing ff bingo on TV. So, I hope you don't feel like ff is something that one grows out of. You might, or might not. Everyone does change.

So sorry to hear about your mom. That is an especially awful cancer, and it's not a group of things to do or watch. Hopefully, you will remember the joy ff brought you or take solace in the joy it brings others.

Regardless, wonderful fic
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