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for Attack of Winter and Summer

4/26/2014 c14 6GigglingFangirl
Ooooh dammnn! Sorry for not commenting, I never got to read until now! Awesome chapters! I feel like the characters are kinda dumb because the girls name is literally Mirelle FEY and she smells like summer and ugh i knew she was something as soon as I read Fey.

Interested in finding the other courts weaknesses :)
4/26/2014 c9 1JustAReaderThanks
4/26/2014 c8 JustAReaderThanks
I'm gonna brace myself
4/26/2014 c7 JustAReaderThanks
... I have no words...
4/26/2014 c6 JustAReaderThanks
This is getting good! :D
4/26/2014 c5 JustAReaderThanks
4/26/2014 c4 JustAReaderThanks
Man! I feel bad for the guardians! They had no idea that Jack was one of the most powerful beings on earth and could kill them with a flick of his finger! :D who knew?! XD
4/26/2014 c3 JustAReaderThanks
I think mother nature knows Jack pretty well! I feel bad for bu- wait what am I saying?! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! :D
4/26/2014 c2 JustAReaderThanks
YES! I GUSSED RIGHT! :D I might have read this story a long time ago... I don't know. And yes I think we all know who the winter "king" is. Wouldn't he be the winter price if mother nature has the power to control winter too?
4/26/2014 c1 JustAReaderThanks
This was your first fic? Oh! And my fuss is... um... mother nature?
4/25/2014 c14 2Little Miss Winter Mischief
Lol. I'm sorry, but when you said Asher Shadows I instantly looked at the drawing and yelled, "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!" Anyway, lovely at how you seem to make torturing Jamie so nice and misspelling Mab as Mad. Mistake or not, quite funny.
4/11/2014 c13 14Wolfrunner99-2
Still absolutely adorable the second time around!
3/26/2014 c12 6GigglingFangirl
Not a cliffie -.-
3/25/2014 c12 14Wolfrunner99-2
...Do you have something against Jamie? And where was Jack in all this!?
3/25/2014 c12 29sirensoundwave
Wow. You managed to be evil to Jamie at the same location in two stories...
Well, one I know will turn out okay for him.
Pretty sure the next few chapters of this story are gonna suck for the kid. Update soon.
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