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for Poison of the Heart

7/19/2015 c14 1Katie00980
Aw I am sad you discontinued the story because it was really good.
10/16/2014 c14 8Erudessa-gabrielle
8/1/2014 c14 1fifiswims
that's a really sweet and original ending! I absolutely loved this story and am sad that you decided to discontinue it but I'm really glad that you actually included an ending unlike some authors that will just leave you hanging! It was really good overall, Wesley's part and how she had to leave him made me cry :(
4/20/2014 c14 RobbieRehab
Noooooo. i read this all in one day and now its over? man. ):
2/17/2014 c9 24MistoffelessTrekyManiac
gaaahhh! EMOTIONS!
2/14/2014 c14 Kam74
Oh, it looks like you had a seriously intricate plot going on in the works! It's seriously a shame that you can't finish it because I really enjoyed your story and I can just imagine how wonderful it would've been if you had continued. However, I can seriously relate because I have deleted two stories from my profile a long time ago because I lost inspiration after the first few chapters. So...there's that. XD ANYWAY, I just wanted to tell you that I was a huge fan of your story and I love how much work you had put in it. I know that you've stopped writing this one, but so help me, you better not stop writing forever, because you have such an incredible talent for writing and I really loved the way that your words weaved together to form such an amazing story that I could practically just watch in my head. It was beautiful, girl! Anyway, I loved the relationship between Elizabeth and Peter! (Not to mention the little Elizabeth and Felix I saw in this ;P) I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH!
2/14/2014 c14 4Blue MoonHeart123
Wow that's a lot... but I'm going to miss this story...
2/11/2014 c1 julia.leong.140
Love this story! Please update it I need to know what happens next!
1/31/2014 c9 2bmwchickk
What the heck?! I was reading this chapter on the bus and started CRYING! Everyone on my bus thinks I'm insane now!
Why must I react to feels this way?!
But in all seriousness... You are an incredible author and I hope that, one day, I will be able to write like you and have my fanfic get the reaction hour fanfic gets.
1/26/2014 c13 1CaptainSquishy
Update! :D
1/23/2014 c12 madison
She should end up with Felix because Peter does something unfirgivable
12/21/2013 c13 Insertisernamehere
What is Elizabeth remembering in her dream?
12/17/2013 c13 8kykyxstandler
love it
12/17/2013 c13 16Ramadiii
Wow! This story is so amazing, I love it and I can't wait to read more! :D
Keep up the good work!
12/17/2013 c10 2regularnormalhumanperson
I liked the story up until this chapter. I don't appreciate rape being used as a way to give a character depth. I'm sorry, it just comes across as very thoughtless.
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