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9/7/2016 c1 IchiRuki 4vr
I actually like this AU setting and can't wait for them to get together with a little help from Hisana of course ;)
7/5/2016 c3 79YeagerMeister31
this is an awkward story but funny in a way can't wait for more
7/5/2016 c2 YeagerMeister31
rukia really is stuck up it's funny
3/2/2015 c3 11genie luciana
cliff hang?
1/19/2015 c3 michapoohbear
Awesome story. I can't wait to see what Hisana plans to do and what Rukia will end up doing to Ichigo once he cancels the order! Hope you update soon! Thanks!
10/3/2014 c3 Fer
I hope you udate soon, I wanna know whats Hisana plannig
9/5/2014 c3 3Dan M.000
I like the story, all be it, a little on the cheesy side with the love story. But it's still good, and I'm subscribing to this story _
9/2/2014 c3 27kirune12
I loved it!

And finally-Ichigo is YOUNGER than midgie...YAY! And hopefully a virgin as well *w*

6/28/2014 c2 GoneWithTheWind1
Hisana can be definitely annoying. The whole confrontation in front of the workmen must have been embarrassing yet Rukia took nothing off it listing the wrongs in a man boldly. I bet it's Ichigo she has to see. Can't wait to know how that turns out!
6/28/2014 c1 GoneWithTheWind1
Very well first chapter! Awkward moment yes, but funny too. Really enjoyed it!
3/13/2014 c2 27kirune12
Could Ichi be like... twenty? That would be sooo smexeeh... Rukia the Molester XD ...can he be a virgin? I hate the thought of some filthy biatch tainting my innocent Berry *-*
11/16/2013 c2 yuiyuki
Nice fanfict..looking forward with the next update..
11/14/2013 c2 6FattanionSama
I love how Hisana is a matchmaker in this story! Bwahaha, rock on and update soon!

Are you going you going to add By
11/14/2013 c1 FattanionSama
LOL XD Hisana is the best! I love how she is torturing Rukia! Great story so far!
11/14/2013 c2 27hunterofcomedy
You've got a pretty good story here. The only issue I found in this chapter was that, near the end, you jumped right back to the hardware store and it was a bit abrupt. I'm not saying you need to go into elaborate detail about her getting into the car or anything, but the previous scene needs a definite end so that the next scene can begin.

A page break wouldn't hurt but with so little content left in the chapter, it was a good call not to have it. Either way, a definite end and beginning of these scenes would round out this chapter nicely.

You're dong well with characterization and I look forward to seeing where this all goes! Keep up the great work!
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