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10/19/2017 c2 Vera Gilbert
oh... April and Donnie must be together. Please, cpuld you write mpre. It's is very sad story, beautiful but sad. amazing writing!
9/11/2017 c2 oi770
This story demands a sequel! Beautiful! Sad! Amazing!
11/24/2015 c2 4Poleepkwana
Oh nuuu! April must come back! She will, sooner or later, I know it!
Now how about some nice fluffy closure? *begs with puppy eyes*
8/22/2015 c2 1squallfire
I read this a long time ago, and I just came back and re-read it. It's still beautiful and heart wrenching... And even though ending it on such a bittersweet notes makes it resonate more strongly, part of me still wants to beg you to write a sequel where April and Donnie sort everything out.
2/26/2015 c1 48ravenshell
This whole things just made my heart ache. I'm gonna need to go have a cry.

I see it echoing themes in my own fic, almost like the other sideof the coin.

PS, proposition, not preposition. (Other than that, this is one of the most cleaned-up fics I've seen. Good job, and thanks for showing care in the craft!)

2/22/2015 c1 sarahjane82
OMG! This brought me to tears. It was heartbreaking to read. It's a beautiful story but omg! The tears would not stop flowing.
1/12/2015 c2 FeatherArtist
Well, that was heartbreaking!
10/11/2014 c2 3Blue - The First Traveller
No this can't be it there HAS to be more to it. :(((((((
9/23/2014 c2 1tmntninjaturtlesfan
Beautiful. Everything about this story is absolutely beautiful.
9/11/2014 c2 60Enula
I chose this as the next story to read and review. I love the song and I also love it when authors get inspired from songs. It's like it gives new life to the lyrics and, of course, lets the reader swim in the emotions only a song can cause. I recently wrote a short story called "Fallout" which is inspired by the song with the same title by Marianas Trench. You wrote this nearly a year ago, and I've never read this one until now, but it reminds me of "Fallout." You know...except better and more detailed and more heartbreaking. Almost just like an extended preview to yours.

Okay, so onto the actual review. What April was going through is so believable. It's very easy to feel trapped and stuck when you're in a *normal* relationship, let alone trying to maintain one that takes place in the darkness below the streets where anything but normalcy is frowned upon. She may have regretted it worse if she stayed, who knows, but regret is regret and it's hard to escape. I'm glad you gave Donnie a change to shine, even if it was through someone else. Then again, it seems like all the masterminds behind the greatest accomplishments are hidden. Dunno why, but I just reminded myself of "Atlas Shrugged" but then again, I'm always getting reminded of one thing or another every second of the day and it's hard for me to see something that doesn't connect with a million other things somehow.

Before I begin rambling, I'll just say that this was also a very melancholy masterpiece you have here. Certainly not as sad as The Siphon and The Reservoir but it has a different sort of life to it. A story about gaining something while also losing something. Okay, now I just thought of "The Last Unicorn." “Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.” You brought out many of life's disappointments; as humans, we're hardly ever satisfied so it's an easy trap to fall into. You captured each of their emotions beautifully and, I said before, it's hard finding good words that give the right amount of praise to your stories. I enjoyed every bit of this!

6/11/2014 c2 15Pixiestick-cc
Oh wow such a heartbreaking story, but still worth the read even though I now feel like crying. That scene where she's leaving was the hardest part to get through.
6/1/2014 c2 13Adoradork
I enjoyed your view of an older April looking back at her time in the sewers and how it directed the path of her life. I thought the boys were very well drawn. I like April choosing to be a fraud to help out Donnie and his family. Very bittersweet.
3/24/2014 c1 4Jay Jones
I love how gracious and self-standing the Turtles are in this story - especially the scene with Mikey and April, which lent Michelangelo such depth and substance. It was heartfelt and lovely to read.

I also really appreciate how April's character is a healthy, relatable (at least to me) mix of masculine and feminine traits, and that she is coping with her own suite of demons.

Lastly, the scene with Donnie and April falling asleep in each other's arms reminds of that scene with Spike and Buffy, the night before the final showdown in Season 7, where they approach each other from opposite sides of the room and the audience is left to imagine exactly what happens between them - but you know that whatever you can think of, it's profound, meaningful, and touching.

I completely understand why this rich, intelligent story was nominated for so many categories on SS. I was delighted to read it; and thank you for writing such a lovely piece.
3/4/2014 c2 2Aclet
I'm not really all in for romance, but this is, man, this is, heartbreaking as it's wonderfully written. I cannot help but favorite it. Seriously. The story is not only filled with regret but there's this 'what could have been' air to it. It's beautiful! I love how you've written the characters and how somehow the roles got reversed. I don't know if you intended it that way, but to me it felt like Donnie's moved on - not that he's stopped loving her, but he accepts the fact that they're not going to be together. And the fact that April is just so full of self-loathing makes it all the more perfect!

I gotta be honest, I've never heard the song Gypsy before, but after reading this little gem I had to google it, and I don't know if I did the right thing because once I listened to it the story became more real. I felt like crying. And I never cry because of fanfiction, no matter who dies. And you didn't even kill anybody.
Seriously, you've done a wonderful job translating the song into this perfectly crafted piece. I loved this.

Thank you for sharing and for showing me that romance is not so tedious after all.
1/25/2014 c2 21The Nerdfighter
Ah, and a lovely ending to tie it all together. :)

Brilliant work, Novus. While Chapter 1 gave us an insight on all the boys' personalities and traits, Chapter 2 got to focus more on April as an individual rather than the role she played with each of the guys. I have to say, I really liked how you went very in depth with April's character, because I believe it was you that said in one of the SS forums that the 2k12 April doesn't have enough character development that makes her memorable in the series. However, I love the way you fleshed her out in this story. You gave her depth. You gave her emotion. And you gave her weakness. Truely inspiring and very well thought out. In fact, it makes me want to take a crack at writing an April-centric one shot - one that doesn't falter toward the ending like it did in my 'Pain Without Love' story. But then again, that was more of a practice run. Now that I've gotten a gist of what it feels like to get into April's mindset, I'm eager to see what I can flesh out and this story is a great source of inspiration. Nicely don on that, Novus. ;D
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