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for Teen Dilemma

10/25/2002 c2 2psymaster15
It has a pretty good storyline but the constant grammar problems makes reading the story slightly annoying.
10/20/2002 c2 shenlon99
hey! well i'm not signed on but i think that you know who this is :) so far the story is coming along good, but i see some weak areas, well it's kinda late, so in my nexx review for it, i will tell u them, but that still doesn't make this not an enjoyable story, becasue it it, just i can (maybe) help make it more enjoyable
10/20/2002 c2 Anonymous
You REALLY need to work on the grammar; it is very hard to understand what you are trying to communicate a large percent of the time. Capitalization and proper use of the english langauge... very important when you're writing something.

You're concept is good though, you just need to fix grammatical problems.

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