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5/7 c2 Guest
In this fic, people, even adults are acting and reacting like children.

For example, Naruto reveals he is Senju, and Iruka faints. Like wtf? Isn't the dude supposed to be a ninja? It's ridiculous.
4/29 c3 Average BabaBoi
when i was a 13 year old nearing 14, It was the last time I tested my height by putting myself next to a wall and the mark is still there, I was 5 foot 9 and I wasn't THAT tall next to other kids my age so naruto is below average
3/25 c9 Brian
To bad this wasn’t canon. Naruto having Senju blood and wood style definitely earned him the respect he dreamed of. Anko is definitely after Naruto as well. Please please bring Anko and Naruto together please. Anko is my favorite girl. Ino is so so. Hinata gets Naruto way to many times. Please please consider Anko x Naruto.
3/25 c7 Brian
So far great stuff. It’s refreshing to read a Naruto story about Naruto not getting beaten up and Naruto being strong and smarts. Please please consider Anko x Naruto. Anko and Naruto belong together. They have so much in common. In Konoha,once you get your headband you are an adult. To ninjas,age is just a number,especially when you face death in any mission you go on.
3/21 c1 Astanphaeus
10/10. One of the best fics i have ever read.
3/3 c10 3Yuzuki476
Great fights they are amazing.
2/16 c7 Brian West
I love strong Naruto stories especially with good team seven dynamics and even better with friendly Kurama. Now all I need is Anko x Naruto and we already have met Anko and she expressed interest in our blonde. Eager to see them fall in love!
12/16/2023 c29 Username6166
Jiraiya of the Sannin, one of the main figureheads of the second shinobi war, acts like he cares about innocent lives? He's probably butchered hundreds of innocents without a care. Naruto was in Anbu, he's definitely killed dozens of innocents for a paycheck without giving a damn too.
12/16/2023 c22 Username6166
Why didn't they take Orochimaru's body?
12/13/2023 c23 1bibink729
12/7/2023 c14 bibink729
12/7/2023 c14 bibink729
12/6/2023 c1 austindowney97
U need a beta writer. The fic is ok ik ur probably done but
11/17/2023 c33 5Pvtcheeks
Damn…solid 10/10. Loved it the whole way through. Good shit bro, I hope you make another Naruto fic just as good as this one someday soon
11/13/2023 c24 Dretnuh
Wait so Sakura is just like completely cool seeing Sasuke kiss another girl?! Like she didn’t even make a petty remark or anything?! Just “Hey guys lets focus on the missions.” Lmao WHAT
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