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2/11/2018 c25 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it a lot good job writing the story.
11/21/2017 c5 Phillies2
That was awfully stupid of Hermione. Harry needs to know how to destroy Horcruxes, he already knows! There was a prophecy only he can defeat the Dark Lord, really Hermione? why not just tell everyone you've "had classes with". It wasn't her secret to tell, now she's a liability
11/21/2017 c3 Phillies2
Okay, How'd Umbridge get threw the wards? I mean Hagrid is the keeper of keys. Also, whats the point of the vanishing cabinet if they can just come in like Umbridge and her friends?
8/17/2017 c4 2GeorgeTobor
Nice twist with the picture Bellatrix had, a tiny, almost microscopic change that could snowball into a HUGE difference.
8/17/2017 c3 GeorgeTobor
I could wish one of the changes you made was replacing Ron with a drooling fool, it would be an improvement.
Too bad Ron wasn't killed by the Chess Set in year one.

And I have figured out why Umbitch lives, she is so nasty the acromanulas wouldn't eat her.
8/17/2017 c2 GeorgeTobor
The idea of a 24 hour, 24 chapter, story is good.
Great and Terrible life and history changing events can happen in just a day.
The assassination that started World War One.
Pearl Harbor.
The destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.
Jo Rowling being inspired to create the Wizarding World.
8/17/2017 c1 GeorgeTobor
Unless an unsigned review is positive or gives constructive criticism, ignore it.
I often leave unsigned reviews, it lets me leave more than one per chapter.

And the only thing I can think of is Malfoy would not call them the Golden Trio.
He would say something insulting or demeaning.

I believe some reviewers at like Draco, they cannot do so they try to tear down those who can.
7/21/2016 c25 Dogco94
This was an AWESOME story! Loved it!
2/6/2016 c25 BillBrink
Unique and fast pasted. I liked how you ended each chapter with an action that made me want to get to the next one without delay. Thanks for sharing it.
2/6/2016 c1 BillBrink
It takes a great deal of courage to display a creative talent to the entire world, much more in this venue than normally in paper through some publisher. There, not only are all your errors corrected and the work polished before the story is published, but idiotic flames such as the one you mentioned never reach your ears.

As someone with a modicum of education, I would like you to know I find your talent refreshing and enjoyable. It is my hope that you, and the hundreds of other obviously talented nonprofessional writers who use this forum to pour out your heart for our enjoyment, will not become discouraged when cowards with no talent to write, other than to flame writers such as yourself, display their poison for you to see. Although you know that such criticism is not warranted it still sticks in the dark recesses of your mind and can only drag you down when you are wondering if all the effort you put into your writing is worth it. One dark comment tends to overwhelm a hundred positive reviews.

So, from this reader please accept my thanks for the hours of enjoyment I have received from your talent and I hope you will continue to write.
12/22/2014 c25 6jaythekoala
Awesome story. You did really well in weaving all those plot threads together and ended it very neatly without making things seem forced. Sure, it required some suspension of disbelief, but hey, we're talking about a fanfiction of a fictional world of magic so I can forgive that!

Thanks for sharing.
10/8/2014 c25 6Edellith
Wow a good story, some fun, some angst
9/8/2014 c1 17dukeofpoorplanning
I absolutely loved this story. I think it would benefit from somebody going through it to edit for spelling and grammar, but the actual content had me spellbound (no pun intended, I swear). Have you by any chance considered a sequel to this story detailing some of the adventures that Harry, Neville, Daphne, and Tracey get up to post Hogwarts? I couldn't help but think that there might be a lot of potential there after reading the last sentence of the epilogue.
4/26/2014 c25 Engrprince
I liked your story. I am pathetic though. I thought Hermione end up better here than in JKR's epilogue. Sad I kno
4/26/2014 c25 Hobbyfarmer
Thank I enjoyed the story. Even the sad parts.
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