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5/18 c1 1Srta.NR
Isso foi demais pra mim...e esse concurso de beleza no Shopping Zanga, o auge! Amoooooo
11/3/2020 c1 Guest
Very funny
4/27/2005 c1 ParsifalinHeels
I've read this story more than 10x's. I loved it. I hope you write more stories!
12/10/2002 c1 Eva
Think I left a review for this one on the tlwfix site...not sure. But wanted to let you know I found this to be hysterically funny. I laughed still my sides hurt. Loved that you made John one of the judges... You did a sensational job with this little piece of fluff.
9/24/2002 c1 Danielle
LOL! LOL! LOL! I am still laughing! It was very cute and very very very funny!

9/24/2002 c1 19Beckers
A couple of great chuckles out of this one.

9/24/2002 c1 Steffi
LOLLLLL ...awww that was so great, Gabby! Absolutely loved it! So funny and cute!

And thanks a lot for sending me the story! Read it before I went to bed yesterday and loved it!

Keep up the Quest ..uhm I meant the great work! ;) :D :D


~ Steffi :)

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