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12/25/2018 c44 Guest
I hate you so much, i hate you so much, I. HATE. YOU. SO. MUCH!
12/25/2018 c39 Guest
did blaziken have to die, please tell me he survived you horrible excuse for an author!
7/16/2018 c6 Bob Bobington1
mister abs best nickname ever
2/1/2018 c44 1Sola the Spirit
2/1/2018 c38 Guest
Very short chpters :P
1/17/2018 c44 TKOU
Well I can't say I enjoyed the ending so I'm going to pretend the deaths did not happen and I will make up a new ending instead
1/5/2018 c44 1Goldenyoshistar1
I'm going to be honest, you made the main antagonist of the entire story to be such a psychopath. And with N being the Leader, i wouldn't be surprised that N would ironically be the Key to fixing the Humans turned into Pokemon. Will there be other Legendaries that could help Damian on his quest to destroying Team Plasma?
5/5/2017 c44 Guest
I want more!
4/17/2017 c44 Saddy
Why did you end this premature story I am really disappointed because it was so good the characters and detail is highly absorbing and addictive. This story had such honest potential pleeeese consider updating
3/19/2017 c44 A bucket
3/19/2017 c12 A Bucket
()() Wut The Wut
3/18/2017 c26 Boop
I dont know if you were trying to to make a team four star reference or you were but knowing how he said "DODGE!" is hilarious when you consider how similar he is to picolo
10/20/2016 c44 BlueFinallygon
Heyyy it's me. Overall, excellent story! My favorite characters were Damian (lol of course), Lewis (r.i.p. Lewis r.i.p.), Azelf (see earlier review), and Damian's teamSwellow (Motherly staraptor that was British lol, as well as ampharos and floatzel two of my faves, and Swellow for being a swell Pokemon lol. I disliked the death of Lewis, and thought Blaziken's role was interesting, I also loved the cliffhangers! I would love to see Celebi get involved (see earlier comments again lol)
10/20/2016 c43 BlueOMGGon
OmG NOOOOOO DAmian! This is bad!
10/20/2016 c42 BlueYouKnowWho
Hey it's me. Awesome chapter, I'm interested in seeing what happens next! Nice plot turn and way to end the series for now. Also lol I accidentally previewed Chapter 1 of Deceitful II so I want to see that play out (because, see, when I am reading your story, I tend to read it on the road when I can, so I load all the chapters I might need(high school, have to sit in traffic for an hour I'm 15 so not driving yet no worries) and so I estimated more chapters than usual since I had a fieldtrip today, so I was gonna read from 42 and some of II, but I accidentally read the first sentence of II eeeeekkkkkk I can't wait!
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