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for The Meek, the Sweet, and the Slightly Insane

7/25/2020 c1 2riptidethepen
Wow. That was really well written, I kind of wish there was a little more Nico in it though.
6/21/2015 c3 2blackbelt917
This request will probably not be answered, but, umm... can you please update? I really like this story so far...
3/14/2014 c3 14Nightstar Phoenix
Wow, excellent job! I'm not really one to read OC stories, but this is very good. Well done!
11/18/2013 c2 25angelslaugh
Um...I think you posted the same chapter twice
11/7/2013 c1 4Alex Darkwood
Woah! Catchy.
11/6/2013 c1 25angelslaugh
Gemma's a daughter of Demeter, right? Crazy with plants, loves cereal, missing all fits!

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