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for Bound in Servitude

9/20 c1 2LadyNightStorm
Please please update, I have to know what happens next. This story is one of the best I've ever read. Keep up the great work.
9/1 c8 Guest
This story is so god please continue!
8/21 c8 LizzMikaelson02
I love this story! I hope to see something new come of it soon.
8/2 c8 Guest
7/27 c8 Kylad558
I love this ️
7/9 c8 TabathaTheSkeleton
Please I need more
6/28 c8 0rangew0lf
Really enjoying this! Can't wait for more
6/27 c8 Guest
Please author, I need new chapters
This story is awesome, and I need to read more of it!
Please update the story
But take your time, don't rush, and make a wonderful story
6/15 c8 Whitelavender
Dear author
Just love this work of yours
Can't imagine which way it will go as it could be any but love the way it has been written. I have to say that you sure do have a way with words.
And I would like to request you to please continue writing it ahead.
I myself know how it feels to have your work stolen or not recognised as I write poems but some said I have been copying them.
And some have even said that they are waste of time.
But the few who are loyal readers, for them it's worth it.
With love
A loyal reader.
6/10 c5 8MischievousMoony
This is one of the best stories I’ve read on FanFiction and I couldn’t be happier that I found it
6/9 c1 MischievousMoony
I love this plot so far
5/26 c8 1Morena Black
Hello! Lovin' your story! The idea is something I haven't seen before and I am in awe of your greatness, O' Majesty!

Waiting happily and patiently for the next chapter!
Hope you are doing well! Muah 3
5/17 c8 Guest
Please continue this is amazing
5/7 c8 2Wingzero512
I love this story and just go through rereading it, and I gotta say Harry's ancestors really feel like assholes up and leaving when they were at the the time the Marcius dynasty the first time I read it, but reading it again gave me the idea that maybe instead of a family "tradition" that they change their identities every 500 years, what if instead its a self made curse unconsciously created by his family and unknowingly reinforced magically with each generation. Kinda like the saying if you repeat something often enough eventually it becomes instinct.
5/4 c8 Wicked Witch of the Web
My mail screwed up so I only just realised you updated but thank you for putting this out there I’m certain I will enjoy this just as much XD thank you I love these snarky evil demons they are awesomethanks and I hope your feeling better and your safe in this currently crazy world :D
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