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10/24/2020 c36 pizzapizzamadafaka
this story is...overwelming, amazing, well-written, and extraordinary! the character developement is smooth and i love how the story flows. this story is my most favorite of them all. i love this so much and my heart aches amd years for more updates!. please come back
6/30/2020 c36 Guest
when you return? :)
6/11/2020 c36 Elena
please can you continue this? :)
4/22/2020 c36 1AssassinsAndAngels
This is so good! I know it's been a few months, but I hope you finish this!
10/15/2019 c36 Mia78
and here is my favorite couple again ... I am so happy that you are not abandoning and continuing! I know it's hard to keep such a long story, but I love it so much and I'm glad I can read more! Of course I am always waiting for something more physical between Aeiron and Vilkas, and I would like to see the reactions of others to their relationship! But in this chapter I simply loved Vilkas defending her ... and she finally raising her voice! maybe she should greet her father, and leave with Vilkas and I am waiting for that!
9/27/2019 c36 Guest
that was so great! and love the team Vilkas Aeiron! they are so great! another trip for the two... hope that Vilkas can take her finally! he loves her so much!
9/20/2019 c36 Nina
Waaaaaaahhh... That was so great... Ohh Aeiron great woman... So strong here! Can't wait for their trip and for more in their relationship :)))
8/19/2019 c35 Guest
I'm waiting for you! 3
4/1/2019 c35 Lydia
cant wait for the next!
3/25/2019 c35 Elf
this was so nice and waiting for the next! :D
3/22/2019 c35 Mia78
as always I am happy that you are back and I hope the next one is close! Aeiron is so sweet here! Vilkas as always is hot! I can imagine that visitors will have a bad end!
3/18/2019 c35 Guest
I love this couple too, he is really a Vilkas that I love, without being so distressing as everyone thinks because he is not like that, and she is adorable because she is frank, strong and complex as a woman must be. Not just a warrior, as a couple they can only be fire and ice together!
3/16/2019 c35 Nina
so nice that you are back and I m in love with your story more and more!
3/15/2019 c35 Guen
Vilkas is so hot, I smiled when he told her the phrase of the "eighty winters", it was so sweet, but that shows the love he feels for her! She is really a character that I adore because is so natural and you can empathize to her! They keep dancing around, but the sexual tension is really explosive! exceptional chapter!
3/14/2019 c35 Manu
hot between the two is growing and I love it! I love Aeiron's insecurities and the way Vilkas tries to reassure her! hahaha I know the part of the game where Vilkas flirts .. but to mine it never happened ! he is faithful to his beautiful wife! XD I'm curious to read the next one! I love the two fighting together the enemy, there is really complicity and harmony!
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