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for Over Troubled Waters

1/30/2014 c2 10God Is Wearing Black
This reminds me of The One With Ross' Sandwhich. Cause of our favorite vegetarian explaining how she wrote such a scary note... heh, Pheebs your such a badass
1/30/2014 c14 19CutesyBunny
Wow, she really can't tell that he has a crush on her huh? Anyways, nice work!
1/30/2014 c13 CutesyBunny
Awez! Yay! Joey isn't in trouble! Heehee... Muffin... XD
1/30/2014 c12 CutesyBunny
Well then... I sure hope Joey doesn't get crap from his parents about this.
But nice work!
1/30/2014 c11 CutesyBunny
Aw, forgiveness! :)
And that asparagus comment... XD XD XD
And Joey was so badass when he punched that British jerk in the face. I was like "GO JOEY!" Heehee...
1/28/2014 c14 23findmyway
Ah pure genius! Loved it when Joey wanted to drop out of school to be with her and the kiss of course :D. Shame Phoebe doesn't seem to get it's her he wants... Great work and I'm sure the last chapter is gonna be the icing on the cake.
1/26/2014 c13 Lucre
It was excellent! I'm really enjoying this so much. YOU'RE SO GOOD DOING THIS. Please continue
1/26/2014 c13 Reginaphalange
Yay! Great job!
1/26/2014 c13 findmyway
Well, talk about a happy end. Loved the muffin-comment and Phoebe saying they could TRY calling her parents. Once again: good job, I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter.
1/25/2014 c12 findmyway
Oh, such a cute chapter. I loved the fluff and them being so close to one another. Plus, a cliffhanger. Oh, it IS getting good. Write more soon.:D
1/20/2014 c11 Pandora924
Yay, so glad that Joey got to punch that bastard! Loved the scene of Joey and Phoebe making up at the exact same spot where they first met. Asparagus ... heh, that's such a thing canon-Joey would say. This story just gets better and better!
1/20/2014 c11 LUCRE
Oh my god, I loved it so much! YOU ARE SOOOOOOO GOOD DOING THIS. Please continue 3
1/19/2014 c11 findmyway
Awh, I loved the ending, so cute. And Joey's asparagus comment was pretty damn funny. Keep up the awesomeness!:D
1/19/2014 c10 Pandora924
Randy is such a jerk, to put it nicely, glad Phoebe has shown him what she thinks of him. Loved the go "take a piss" on yourself comment, heh! I'm so relieved that Randy did not manage to drug Phoebe without her realizing, that's what I was afraid would happen. Now I'm just really hoping that Phoebe will at least catch the last minute or so of Joey's play and that he notices her coming into the room. Otherwise he would be so devastated!
1/19/2014 c10 19CutesyBunny
Yay Randy's gone! What an a-hole XD
anyways, love this story!
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