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for Aeryn of the Dragons

11/21/2013 c15 Tom712
This is either close to end or just beggining of something bigger
11/20/2013 c14 Tom712
Well that was quick
11/19/2013 c13 Tom712
When he jumped : one part of me: Not bad.
Another part: Crazy som of a *****
11/18/2013 c12 Tom712
That ending sounds like trouble
11/15/2013 c9 KrazyCat
I like this story. Update soon please!
11/17/2013 c11 Tom712
Aaaaalright :D Aeryn isn't really friendly :D
11/16/2013 c10 Tom712
This is going to be interesting
11/15/2013 c9 Tom712
(still awesome)
11/12/2013 c6 Matt
I'm guessing the two brothers will meet in either the seventh or eighth chapter.
11/13/2013 c7 Tom712
One more chapter today ! :D
11/11/2013 c5 Guest
Keep going this is really good!
11/10/2013 c4 Matt
When will the two brothers meet?
11/12/2013 c6 Tom712
Now i see where this is going :D
11/11/2013 c5 120Book0Worm0
I like how your following the story of Tarzan but have molded it to fit your story line. Can't wait to see where you take it from here.
11/11/2013 c5 2Lyserglover
Good chapters so far :) Can't wait 'till Hiccup will be involved. Waiting 'till the next chappie :)
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