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11/7/2016 c1 2RainbowYandere
i like this a lot
11/7/2016 c1 Joyisly
9/23/2015 c1 23kittykatrocks12
Whoa, I Really Like this, I Love Lovi having powers, So Awesome.
4/7/2014 c1 13damtoti
You want to know how I found this story? I saw your review in another author's story and your sarcastic style of writing caught my attention. Then I stalked your profile, figuring you would have something interesting to read. Man, even your troll fic didn't work because your writing is so good you couldn't even make it bad. And then I found this, and hoooly shit...

I'm usually extremely picky when it comes to AUs and action style stories, since the characterization usually falls short in place of the storyline. More like Hetalia characters being molded to fit whatever plot the author intended. This was... wow. A quarter way through and I could already visualize the little coastal tone perfectly, and had an idea of the Italy brothers' daily life. I love the way Lovino continued disparaging the Spanish ship almost as if he was trying to convince himself that cannons and scary weapons were no big deal.

Mmm, that fight scene. Very actiony, I got a bit lost at times trying to figure out what was going on with all the metaphors. At the Spain bull part I was like "wait, what - he brought a bull on the ship?" and then I reread it. It could just be lazy reading. I really do hope you continue this because as awesome as Lovino beating the shit out of Spain is, I just don't like the idea of him dying immediately like this. I mean, he did tackle Lovino and leave injuries, and all that jazz, but his "death" just seemed too quick. He was introduced, then bye bye.

As far as the outright relationship detail, I'm pretty fine with nothing romaaantic happening between them because it just seems highly unlikely in this scenario. I can see Spain coming to respect Lovino or feeling admiration, but a full romance... eh. Too many past antagonisms to get by. Being Catholic, however... I think the villagers have to be pretty accepting to not freak the shit out about his fire and associate it with the devil, so I wouldn't consider religion the main reason not to have a homosexual relationship here.

Also if you're not going to continue this you have to say who the other magical ability dude is :o
4/7/2014 c1 19Rainy Meadows
Oh wow, that was badass.
12/29/2013 c1 Guest
This was a very interesting and original oneshot but I don't think Romano could ever match Spain and even here Romano had magic as an unfair advantage. In hand to hand combat Spain would've split Romano in half! Still...it wasn't a bad fic.
11/17/2013 c1 16psycheros
I seriously love every aspect of this fic. From lovino and antonio's characterization to the description to antonio's talk about treasures and his reason of coming to lovino's village. It's all neat, well-thought, and the most important is, far from the usual stereotype.

I like the way lovino isn't treated as an outcast. You have no idea how happy I feel when I read the words "they live him so much" in your footnotes. I feel like graveling on my knees crying QwQ

and the characterization! Dark!antonio remains dark all through the way and not shifting to a lovestruck fool the first time he saw lovino, which is a nice change. And lovino looked more mature and actually using his wits in talking with a raider, not just followong his pride and spat anything that comes to his brain. Oh, the villagers are fun to read too, their characterization are real even as cameos to the point I really want to read their own stories! You're amazing!

I really hope you'll continue this, so many questions unanswered and I'm kinda itched to read more dark!antonio, hehe...
11/16/2013 c1 Guest
Does this mean it's over? Was this a oneshot where they both die in the end? It was really good but I am kinda disappointed that's Lovino dies. He gave it his best shot. All actions come at a high price...
11/10/2013 c1 Miyoku.Tiara.Shooga
Omergawd! Continue this fic! I love this awesomeness! •
11/9/2013 c1 pandahero2P
Wow! This was so well-done! It worked out really well, but would be great as a chaptered story too! Fire really suits Lovi :)
11/8/2013 c1 20Spamano4ever
Ho-Ly SHIT. Okay, first, don't be upset that I suck at giving long good reviews! But DAYUM.

This was seriously awesome! And once again my theory that Lovi can do no wrong in my eyes is proven. If the roles had been switched, I would have hated Spain for a little while ;)

I love AU's like this! Their are not NEARLY enough of them and I'm so glad you wrote this! It's great! I always like the stories were Lovino is perfectly capable of taking care of himself and doesn't need anyone's help and I like that Spain actually does lose! In so many stories, Spain is indestructible. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just a nice change.

I really like how you set everything up. The town is nicely described without seeming to go over board on the details. I really like how, even though Lovi has this gift, no one calls him a devil or a monster and they're instead grateful for what he does.

Is it okay for me to beg you to write more stuff like this? It's really needed and it was a great read! I made the mistake of beginning to read it before school, but I had to stop right before the fight and I couldn't stop thinking about it and wondering what happened all day! This was literally the first thing I did when I got home. I ran into the house, grabbed my computer, and finished it up :D
11/8/2013 c1 2STARFIRE67
Hm...if Romano dies, I'll die. I don't want to die. I want this to continue, but I can't let Roma die...
This is really good, so I think you should add on to it. I wouldn't mind reading more. ;)
Until next time!
11/8/2013 c1 30Resha04
This is a really good start :D I'm already beginning to like this fic.
I like your idea about how Lovino is a match for Antonio in combat. It's something that's rarely seen and is a good and refreshing change. I also like the characterization. Lovino seems mature here while retaining his grumpy attitude. Feliciano is also likable. Contrary to that, Antonio starts as someone un-likable, but I guess his character would be developed if this is continued. And his un-likability is a plus point too, not something negative at all :D

There are some typos here, but it's nothing major. I hope you'll continue this :D (and soon maybe?)
11/8/2013 c1 1TheVastEmptiness
Oh please do continue! I ALREADY love this story :D
11/7/2013 c1 4Someone-you-do-not-know
I love you. This is so amazing. I love your writing style, and I hope you will continue this. I love the fact that you are actually trying to make it historically accurate, because so many fanfics ignore historical data and facts. This fanfic is just really amazing, and I love you.
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