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for A Yearning for Home

1/5/2014 c5 Gloworm41
It is good that he didn't climb out any windows with his broken arm.
12/29/2013 c5 4allisvanity
I'm not usually a big fan of kidfic, but this is really well-done.
12/11/2013 c5 17JeanneZ84
I hope they find out he isn't home in bed.

12/9/2013 c5 daisesndaffidols
I think it's a sad that eight-year-old Neal already knows how to pick-pocket...I wish he would open up to Peter
12/9/2013 c5 reader82
Great story. I hope. nothing happens to Neal alone in the streets. And how does he think to get a lock-pick set in time to get back before Peter and El wake up? His plan was a bit ill-prepared, i fear. I can't wait for the next chapter.
12/9/2013 c5 3JayAoi
I absolutely love this story, the plot and personalities are perfect and little Neal is so adorable! I can't wait for more updates! I like how you incorporated Estelle in this one. Also if you need another ideas of little con-kid Neal, if you remember the episode where Ellen was telling Mozzie about second grade Neal setting all the clocks in his school back half an hour, blocking off the roads to reroute the buses, and forging his own bus pass. Just some reminders of little Neal from the series :)
12/5/2013 c4 Guest
This is the most adorable story ever! Please dont stop writting it! I just wanna hug little Neal!
12/5/2013 c4 133IMSLES
I like this AU with Mozzie being like a big brother and looking out for Neal, even if he's not too fond of Suits.

Wonder how Neal will react when he sees Peter next, or if he'll take off to find Mozzie. I guess just like in the show there's a trust that needs to be formed between them.

12/3/2013 c4 daisesndaffidols
Poor Neal.. even as a young kid, he has a distrust of the law...
Will we find out who killed his mother?
12/2/2013 c4 17JeanneZ84
Truly a great story so far.

Please update soon.

12/2/2013 c3 JeanneZ84
That was aweful,what they went through.

12/2/2013 c2 JeanneZ84
Such a loving story so far and touching.

12/2/2013 c1 JeanneZ84
This beginning just melts my heart.

12/1/2013 c4 3Kajtena
Great chapter, poor Neal his nightmares are bad.
12/1/2013 c4 Angusina
Great chapter.
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