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for Redemption of the Uchiha

4/1/2022 c3 Aedwards179
dono is supposed to be a honorific for respect for people with high standing to use between each other. not a 6 year old to use on the hokage.
4/1/2022 c1 Aedwards179
shisui is older than Itachi he should be getting attention too. he was a genius.
3/18/2022 c10 Joshua Rubin
More chapters please
8/31/2021 c8 Guest
What naruto said to itachi and shisui is true, they never appreciated their clan and family. Now some of you may say in canon that itachi did it for peace, but nobody who loves their family can ever do that no matter what threats we're given. Any other person who loves their family would have fought the world consequences be damned.
9/2/2021 c10 Hyuga Tobirama
Please update this this story is amazing
3/2/2021 c8 Gureyo
You making naruto here look like stupid shit
3/2/2021 c7 Guest
Gohans body? Pfft really? Man naruto and gohan body worst shit ever
4/23/2020 c10 narutouzumaki9718
Great story please come back!
10/30/2019 c2 4Lord Vaserious
The sentences are extremely choppy and grammatically dead but other then that its pretty good.
8/28/2019 c2 Samuel2072
Why do people explain there moves.. So fucking stupid
4/6/2019 c9 9Man285
3/26/2019 c10 Guest
Update man this story is amazing
1/30/2019 c1 Nise no kishi
Ohh good story really interesting! I really wish the you would update this so I can have more to look forward to but the current amount of chapters would be enough to satisfy a reader like me
1/17/2019 c10 bluecup
i hope u update this year
6/24/2018 c10 6Ang Bagong Tao
Its been years since you didnt updated this beautifully created story. I cant wait to see what could happen in the next chapters.
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