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for A Whole New World

3/4/2014 c29 13RoseKatnissWeasley7
Eeeee! So cute! I realllllyyyy love this story, thanks so much for the lovely update!
3/4/2014 c29 36AliceCullen3
3/4/2014 c29 6ShadowXMoonlight
Awe this was a cute chapter
3/4/2014 c29 2Elsa Frost
This is an amazing fic
Its filled with so much emotion and passion
I can see how dedicated your are to it
This a work of art and only a pure genious like yourself would be able to create this masterpiece
Amazingly done
Keep Calm And Freeze On
Elsa Frost
3/4/2014 c29 KairaB
Great chapter. I actually cried when Rapunzel started crying. I really love how Jack and Rapunzel's relationship is going, they're so cute and loving with each other and I love how they're making each other grow and, of course, all the romantic scenes and kisses they share. I can't wait for the next chapter.
3/3/2014 c29 DylanTVillain
"For the good of humanity…" he breathed, staring at her, "Keep the dress on!" Haha XD loved that line! And it was so sad how they got so sad. But the last part was cute. :)
3/3/2014 c29 1TheGirlWhoEatsPie
3/3/2014 c29 jaymzNonoel
That was a lovely chapter! Loved the ending! -
Cant wait to see what happens next! :)
3/1/2014 c28 annomous
OMG please update soon I love this story! your an amazing writer! xxxx
2/22/2014 c2 Mave
Satan!? hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
2/21/2014 c28 Guest
This is a really good story, I check every now and then to see if there are new chapters, but I want to know-when's the trial? Will it be written? Will the story continue after the trial? I'm also looking for a plot twist involving Dagur-maybe Gothel told him to bug Punzie, weaken her resolve or something?
2/18/2014 c28 Mave
2/18/2014 c28 Guest
OMG. OMG. This is like an awesome story! Update ASAP! The plot is awesome and I love these two together! I mean there are some couples that my sister don't like in here that I'm ok with and she is saying I'm a traitor or something...XD anyways keep up with the great work and update soon!
2/18/2014 c28 Guest
Once again you have killed me with this. Just, why can't real life be like this? Why? I would like you to write my life please. And don't skip the pain. Because pain is an important part of a character. The best kind of character is one who isn't black or white but grey. A hero who just can't help being good or a villain who wanted to be good. The best character is a person, not wholly good nor wholly evil.
2/19/2014 c22 24Eva Dreaming
Awn Merida and Hiccup are so cute!
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