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2/17/2014 c28 13RoseKatnissWeasley7
2/14/2014 c1 belle
Omg this is so sweet. How Rapunzel finally managed to gain self-confidence through kiss, which is love o sweet mother monkey LOVE! That was so good. You know what? I actually waited for your fic to be uploaded. I mean literally. I waited online. I checked everyday to see if you uploaded! Ah I cannot wait to see Rapunzel living with Anna and going to school with much little self conciousness. GAAHHH ily
2/14/2014 c27 Mave
OK, so... i was talking with my sister about what we thought would happen (when we were at like chapter 20 or something (she also reads this)) and i thought since Ana was so nice i thought maybe she would adopt her... and i just found out i was right!
2/15/2014 c28 6ShadowXMoonlight
YES! I couldn't wait to read this chapter! I was actually truly excited to actually read it. It made me happy, and I love the characters interaction with each other if that makes any kinda of sense.
2/15/2014 c28 2WikiSorcerer
I'm assuming Toothless is a small, black cat in this universe.
2/15/2014 c28 KairaB
I loved this chapter! They finally KISSED! This was beautiful!XD
2/15/2014 c27 KairaB
That was unexpected. When she got put in Elsa's care I thought for sure either she or Anna and Kristoff would adopt her and that they were just getting her used to Elsa since they would soon be family. I did not see this coming at all.
2/14/2014 c28 4DisneyAddictGirl
Aww this chapter was awesome, it even had me blushing, keep up the good work :)
2/14/2014 c28 36AliceCullen3
2/14/2014 c28 jaymzNonoel
That was such an awesome, cute, and laovely chapter! Really enjoyed it! -
2/14/2014 c28 DylanTVillain
Ohh god that was sooo cute! Best kissing scene ever! It was so beautiful I swear it made me cry! She believes she is beautiful now ahh Jesus the emotions the feels is too much! Thank you do much for updating I really needed it. Please update soon!
2/12/2014 c27 Guest
I KNEW IT! THAT IS JUST AMAZING! I don't think I've ever loved a story so much! (My own excluded) there was enough feels to choke a whale. Oh my god! Bless you for doing this! Bless you!
2/12/2014 c27 4DisneyAddictGirl
Please dont tell me its over, its such a good story
2/8/2014 c27 I AM BATMAN
Can you imagine Rapunzel doing what she did in the movie, and doing a cartwheel, shouting "best day ever" and getting wrapped up in a scarf or blanket? Because that would be hilarious! I really like this fanfic, and think that you are an amazing writer! Please update soon!
2/7/2014 c27 Guest
I love this story so much and spend all day waiting to come home and check if it's been updated. I dot have an account on here, but if I did, I would definetley follow and favorite this story!
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