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2/8/2014 c27 I AM BATMAN
Can you imagine Rapunzel doing what she did in the movie, and doing a cartwheel, shouting "best day ever" and getting wrapped up in a scarf or blanket? Because that would be hilarious! I really like this fanfic, and think that you are an amazing writer! Please update soon!
2/7/2014 c27 Guest
I love this story so much and spend all day waiting to come home and check if it's been updated. I dot have an account on here, but if I did, I would definetley follow and favorite this story!
2/6/2014 c20 24Eva Dreaming
O3O is Ms. Ana gonna adopt her?!
2/5/2014 c18 4Eva Dreaming
Awn that's so adorable and sweet and so very touching...!
2/5/2014 c15 4Eva Dreaming
2/5/2014 c14 4Eva Dreaming
2/5/2014 c9 4Eva Dreaming
This mad me cry, it's so sad, poor Rapunzel... But also I can't stop reading...
2/5/2014 c7 4Eva Dreaming
2/5/2014 c5 4Eva Dreaming
TTTT poor Rapunzel... (This is seriously an amazing story just so out of the box! :D)
2/5/2014 c2 4Eva Dreaming
XD lol satan!
2/5/2014 c1 4Eva Dreaming
YEAH I'VE FINALLY FOUND AN AU HIGHSCHOOL WITH NO ELSA! This is amazing! Vey interesting too, I'm so excited!
2/3/2014 c27 Fangirl123
2/4/2014 c27 Mariokart99
Please let it not b over! This story is so detailed and tragic.
2/2/2014 c27 Guest
This is adorable! I almost started to cry!
2/2/2014 c27 belle
Okay. I don't review. I mean NEVER. EVER. I have never done it before and I was planning on not doing it. But you know what? I had to. I just had to after reading this chapter.
(Okay this is going to be quite a lengthy review so beware)
Actually it was only yesterday I found this fanfic. I am preparing for this exam, and all of a sudden I just felt like having a break. So here I came for a goodie sweet JACKUNZEL. And well, I found this! A WHOLE NEW WORLD.
I was recently heartbroken by the Jelsa and Eugene-Punzie fandoms in my country. Well they HATE Jackunzel and I could not just bare their hatred. I just decided not to ship them anymore since I was so so very much hurt. But you, you sir, brought my Jackunzel passion back. Really.
I loved how you plotted Punzie to be an abused child, since she is actually one, if you think about how Gothel treated her in the original story. And I loved how you made Jack Frost the coolest and the sweetest, caring boy! Gosh Jackunzel they are so adorable! And rest of the friends and teachers, they are so sweet and I am so happy to see all those adorable animation characters in this fic! I love how the story flowes emmotionally. It is heartwarming and I really thank you, author, for writing such story. It just makes me smile!
I expected that Tooth would adopt her but nonetheless, I am still happy to see how much that poor, adorable thing is excited! Merlin, she is just so cute. I totally get why Jack fell for Rapunzel.
I love how you draw your storyline and how you don't make Punzie so outgoing all of a sudden, after such tragic years under abuse. The plot is smooth and I am looking forward for the little cute couple's kiss and Rapunzel's better life after the trial and so on. I hope Jack takes good care of her as he did, and once again, gracias you amazing writer!
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