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2/1/2014 c7 Iovedemon
I just realized that a few situations were the same as Carrie, I just realize it when Gothel said "the punishment room" and "penance."

You, author, are mathematically awesome!
For making a Jackunzel fic, I shall give you a cookie!
1/29/2014 c25 update soon
Hey I l8ve this chapter! Please update soon!
1/31/2014 c26 36AliceCullen3
1/30/2014 c26 jaymzNonoel
Great chapter! :D
1/30/2014 c26 DylanTVillain
Great chapter! Update soon!
1/30/2014 c26 37FloraIrmaTylee
Aww, Rapunzel and Jack are so cute together, that I can't stand it. Why can't they be canon? Screw it, to me it is canon and no one shall tell me otherwise. So there. Hehe I'm a total idiot.
1/30/2014 c26 6ShadowXMoonlight
I like this chapter. I was excited to see it in my inbox. I got cheery.
1/27/2014 c10 Guest
I just balled my eyes out this struck close to home
1/27/2014 c25 Guest
Oh my god
My heart shattered and then melted
1/26/2014 c25 Mave
2 things. 1: awesomesauce! 2: what if, when thy go to the movies, they watch the princess bride. Just sujuesting. Probably wrote that wrong
1/27/2014 c25 1namelessandgameless
Oh. My. Gods! This is going on a lot longer than I expected (a good thing) and it's written absolutely beautifully. Keep updating, please!
1/24/2014 c25 Guest
the guy that's in frozen with the reindeer's name is Kristoff, not Hans. Hans is the one Anna was engaged to in the beginning. :) thanks for updating!
1/24/2014 c25 Guest
1/25/2014 c25 11Rey129
Omg, I love this story. It is really depressing reading what the kids have to go through, but it just makes the happy moments so much more sweeter! I especially love Rapunzel, Jack, North, Ana, and Elsa. I really do hope to see the next chapter soon, and I look forward to seeing Rapunzel's new family (I have a feeling I know who it might be).
1/24/2014 c25 37FloraIrmaTylee
I think when Rapunzel was triggered that it was so sad. But when she and Jack had that little moment in which he gave her the Care Bear, I was cooing aww so much.
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