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for A Whole New World

1/7/2014 c22 Guest
It's fun how you make them sound like normal teens
1/6/2014 c22 Lea
Pleaaaaasssseeee uptade!It's a fantastic story!:)
1/5/2014 c22 Hip-Shipper76
Please update A.S.A.P.! I need 2 know what happens 2 Jack. He's gonn live...…right?
1/5/2014 c22 2101 and more ways to fangirl
Jack is going to be okay right? I love this story. I think when Rapunzel gets adopted she should move to someplace far away so that she can come back and it would be so romantic when she comes back. Or she leaves and gets confident enough to sing( or make a promice to Flynn that she will sign up for chorus) and sometime later she becomes a popster and on new years eve she is at Times Square and she sings "Nobody Home" by Avril Lavigne and after she sing she is talking to the news team when she sees Jack and Meridas hair, yell their names, Jack sees her calling and running to them andstart to get to her. And when Jack gets to her the have like a special love hug. When Merida and Hiccup and every else come on the red carpet with them and Rapunzels so happy and cry with joy. And all the cameras on them and everything.
1/4/2014 c21 Jenna
So freaking adorable! love it
1/4/2014 c22 5mxn1fan
I seriously love this story! I can't wait for new chapters and I'm very curious to what will happen to jack! I really want new chapters soon please! This is my kind of story that I love! XD
1/3/2014 c22 Rye123
Holy crap... THAT WAS INSANE! That was an amazing plot twist. U got some real talent.
1/3/2014 c22 Mave
What if Emma, Jack's sister, comes back. I'll tell you how: when she so called died, they brought her to the hospital. the parents went into the room but not jack. the parents came out and told jack that she was dead even though she wasn't. She was mearley in a mild coma. A few weeks later she awoke and the nurse told her to come with her. The nurse told her that she had a phone number to call an a address that she assumed was the house address. she called the number it said “that is not a valid number. please enter a valid number” over and over again. so they tried the address but it was a orphanage. of course they can’t keep someone living in the hospital unless they’re sick or hurt so they left her there. a few months later she was adopted by a middle aged woman but when she go to the new home she accidentally walked into a table(didn’t knock it over) the woman slapped her across her face. that’s the start of her new life. for 6 years she lived like that but someone notice and she got tooken away. 6 months later, a woman came in, she looked like she was in her 30’s. but she said that she wanted that Emma. Emma was nervous going to that new house. but when she got home they had so much fun. but she then remembered Jack she wished she had a brother and the mother knew, there was only one way that she was going to let this go. The mother, one day, came home and with her she brought a boy and a girl. they were twins, she could tell. “I knew that you wouldn’t let go of not having a brother unless you got one, so… but they were twins and insisting that I take both and I thought it would be good if you also had a sister.” said the since then they have been, well, a real family but they move to another city (a.k.a., where Jack, Rapunzel, etc. live). from there you could make the story of how they meet. please consider.
1/3/2014 c22 YatoGirl
Hi hi hi! Just want to tell that ur story... Is so damn TOUCHING... So touching... The FEELS... Hope you update soon!

Good job and Good luck

1/3/2014 c22 37FloraIrmaTylee
Wow. I remember when my mom had to get her appendix out, because she was in so much pain that morning. It's horrid that Jack has to go through that, of course, but I also can't wait to see what'll happen next. :)
1/3/2014 c22 14Kazziiee
1/3/2014 c22 36AliceCullen3
1/3/2014 c22 2KatnissElizabeth333
WHAT! So not cool! That cliffy is evil! You need to update soon! As in right freaking now! I found this story and read it all in an hour it is SO freaking good, but this cliffy is evil! Please update soon you super epic author of ROTBTD modern.
1/3/2014 c22 11Alex The Rogue
Lovely, and I actually know what appendicitis is, so cool.
1/3/2014 c22 jaymzNonoel
ohh, poor jack!
Great chapter! This one really kept me on my toes! :)
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