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12/29/2013 c20 1ashlyntwynyo
Is it too fast to beg for an update? I'm sorry, but it's your fault for writing such an incredible story!
12/29/2013 c20 DylanTVillain
Awesome! I love Rapunzel and Jack's relationship in this fan fiction!
12/29/2013 c20 2LittleIcicle
Oooh not a cliffhanger again! The chapter was perfect as always!
12/28/2013 c19 2sahararose114
love the story wonder why their staring at her
12/28/2013 c19 2101 and more ways to fangirl
I love this story. When is the next chapter coming out ? I NEED MORE!
12/28/2013 c16 1ashlyntwynyo
I'm seriously going to cry if you don't update soon. Like, full out bawl. PLEEASE. Please. PLEEEEEaaaassssEEEE.
12/27/2013 c19 5MonsieurM
12/23/2013 c19 Guest
I am in love with your story! Do you not realize how talented you are? It's amazing! Extraordinary! Absolutely astounding! I can't wait till you update!
12/21/2013 c19 Mave
Omg why were they all staring at her? was it because she had sang? was it because of the song she was singing? was it because she had highlights in her hair? I need to know!
12/21/2013 c18 1ashlyntwynyo
Alright. 4th time. This is the 4th time I've finished this story, hoping that I'll see ch.20 pop up, at some point! I wanna see some cute romancy stuff! And rapunzel singing! And...and...anything! I don't understand how you hooked me in, so thoroughly, but you did, and now I'm growing desperate for a new chapter! I'll stop pestering now :). Maybe. Updaaaate!
12/20/2013 c2 ashlyntwynyo
This is the 3rd time I'll be reading this! Please updaaaate!
12/19/2013 c19 36AliceCullen3
12/19/2013 c19 Mave
U know when u said Flynn never stole again? I'd like to argue. A the beginning, he stole Rapunzel's heart.
12/18/2013 c19 1ashlyntwynyo
Oh my. I started this story, just a few hours ago, and, well, I, I NEED you to update this. Asap. I'm actually considering rereading this just because it's so fantastically well written. I'm invested in this. You made this story extraordinarily captivating, and I...please...update. :(
12/18/2013 c19 1harrypotter1998
Great job! I love your story, and the way you integrated Elsa. She is an amazing character and considering her background in Frosen she would make a great concellor. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderfull chapter. Keep going :*
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