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8/5/2015 c39 2Ilovepandas14
Loved this so much I actually read at 5 times tbh. Loved it so much that now I could finally say it(before I couldn't because I didn't really know how to use fan fiction) anway I really enjoyed this. Thanks for everything. Really loved this story. Very inspirational for me.
7/1/2015 c18 101abetternameneeded
What'd hiccup mean he has a fake leg?
7/1/2015 c9 abetternameneeded
Why would Gothel cut off Rapunzel's hair if she had for is sen her from cutting it?
7/1/2015 c6 abetternameneeded
Umm why can't Rapunzel wear jeans?
5/30/2015 c39 14art-is-a-bang-yeah
amazing :D

just finished reading the whole thing, i loved it you're really cleaver at adding those little bits that make the story :D

i love hans last name and how elsa loves wicked it was really clever :D

:D great story

arty :D
5/3/2015 c1 PurpleBubble14
Guess what guys? If you love this story like me, you should read geminisonic's A Whole New Wedding. It's awesome!
4/9/2015 c28 Simple Ev
Wow... This chapter gave me the feels, shipping and otp feels! That was so awkwardorable, seriously. Fave chapter so far.
4/4/2015 c39 Hana
That was amazing! I literally can't put into words how good this story is!
I hope you keep writing and I hope you're happy forever!
3/5/2015 c39 toolazytologin
So I read Part of Your World a while ago and I recently wanted to come back and reread it :) And then I wondered what else you had written and I found this. It was amazing. This was the first thing I did whenever I had free time and I loved every second of it. Thank you for taking all of your time and effort and love into this story. I'll post a better review once I feel like loging in :)
2/21/2015 c39 14Tairulz
This story was awesome! Beautifully written and an excellent plot, well done :D
2/18/2015 c7 PurpleBubble14
Rapunzel, you are not a pig or greedy, you are not stupid, and you are not bad. You are appreciated and loved by many. You are beautiful, kind, gifted, and important. You are a princess.
2/18/2015 c2 PurpleBubble14
Hey Jack. Which one of my toys should I use on Dagur?
Jack: How about...all of them?
You're a genius, Overland!
2/16/2015 c39 PurpleBubble14
I have been reading your work as soon as it updates and I read this chapter when it came. Only now am I able to say how much I love this story.
I just, really LOVE everything about this. I love how you mixed the character's Disney problems and personalities with the character's in this story. I love how you take your time and don't rush things. I love how much these characters have gone through and how they all have each other. I love how everyone's character has evolved into what they are now. I love how everyone has each others' backs and how they all love each other as if they were all a huge loving family. And I love how the end isn't the end. Just, thanks to you, I am now seeing they world through different eyes. I use to only really care about what I wanted to do and didn't really stick up for myself or others when bullied. But, thanks to you, I have evolved into someone I'm proud to know. I now think of other's opinions and I stick up for what I think is right. Thanks to you I have been focussing on things that make me happy and proud of myself. Thanks to you I have mustered up enough courage to ask a guy out...and for a while we have been dating and I'm happy.
Thank you for teaching me about self respect. Thank you for teaching me to be brave. Thank you for teaching to stick up for what I believe in. Thank you for teaching me about hope and many kinds of never ending love. Thank you for teaching me that there is always someone there forever r you. Thank you for teaching me that it's ok to ask for help. Thank you for teaching me that if things are going bad and you think it's the end, then it not the end because if it were everything would be ok. And most of all, thank you for teaching me about the importance and value of family, friends, and love.
I know that just sounded cheesy and fake, but just know I meant every word. Thank you so much for helping me pull through the bad times in my life. I'm really proud of you and how far you've come. Thank you ever so much for writing this wonderful magical story. Just know that to me you are one of my best closest friend. Thank you and keep on writing more adventures. I'm proud of you and love you (in a sibling way :)).
Thank you so much. I can't thank you enough. :)
2/16/2015 c39 9DauntlessCake29
Dude. Like, I am literally blown away right now. Do you know that I've spend the last 24 hours reading this story nonstop, with quick bathroom and food breakes only? Oh god I'm a mess. Ok *takes deep breath* time to get my intelligent reviewer side on...
Ok so first, let me just say that this story was simply perfect. You're transitions are spot on, the chapters unforgettablely original. I love how you involved a lot of different scenarios and personalities in this. The character development was incredible! You discribe everyone excellently, making this an extremely refined and well written Fanfiction.

Also, I really liked how you didn't have Jack and Punzie do anything too rash. I cannot begin to discribe how much I thoroughly love this story. *bookmarks and adds to favorites*
The imotional journeys that many of the characters experienced where equally realistic, but slightly whimsical as well. From Zell's awful home life to Jacks dead sister, everything went smoothly. A nice blend of happiness and sadness, this story sets the bar exedingly high for all others. The diversity that this Fanfiction has is beyond beautiful. It's almost as beautiful as Rapunzel's dress!

*gasps* yeah, I think I liked this story...
2/9/2015 c29 MallyHonan
Loved ;-; mush
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