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6/15/2020 c32 1IBDSTC
yes it sucks
6/15/2020 c29 IBDSTC
jay is worst
6/15/2020 c28 IBDSTC
well if you do...
ah screw it fricking say these next words i this exsact order
lloyd i love you
6/15/2020 c27 IBDSTC
um no
mine is super duper specific
6/15/2020 c25 IBDSTC
not cole\

can i borrow this idea
im doing it any way
6/15/2020 c21 IBDSTC
but no thanks
6/15/2020 c20 IBDSTC
no i waont
6/15/2020 c18 IBDSTC
amazinly sad
6/15/2020 c17 IBDSTC
and i dont.
:3 the sentance
6/15/2020 c12 IBDSTC
stop pleass
6/15/2020 c10 IBDSTC
stop u r so mean
5/28/2020 c1 Guest
zane i love u
i talk about zane to much but he i best
5/28/2020 c8 IBDSTC
love zane 3

read this
5/28/2020 c6 IBDSTC
let go of the light...dang it gota sto using talk type

zane i love u
5/27/2020 c33 Guest
zane no no. remember me for centues cuz ill b dead by then
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