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for Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios

1/7/2014 c28 12ZaneLoverFan88
1/7/2014 c28 9SergeantSarcasm7
That's a cool idea. Awesome oneshots! Cannot wait for more! XD
1/6/2014 c27 Guest
Ooh! You should do a scene where he proposes to you and a scene when he meets your ex!
1/5/2014 c27 1CrazyforReading12
I love this story. Could you do please do a scary movie with Cole.
1/2/2014 c27 anonymous1201
What about a princess? A pricess one shot with Lloyd
12/31/2013 c1 Guest
im a boy!
12/31/2013 c27 HersheyChoco101
Maybe you should write about each of the ninjas' fears! That'd be interesting...or flip it over and put in the readers' fears! If you wanna.
12/30/2013 c27 9SergeantSarcasm7
Could i be a serpentine? Lol, Just kidding... That does seem like a cool story now that I think of it... Let's see if I have some fluffy ideas up in here... *points to head... Starts to rub chin pensively* what if Zane was depressed because he is a robot and (Y/N) [not sure how refur to myself] is human. He is sad because he will never grow old and possibly out live (Y/N) [unless of course he breaks down or dies in like a fight or something] that would be cool... XD
12/30/2013 c25 4The Foreseer
YEEEEEES! (Squeels with delight) Thank-you so much! I totally love you right now! Do you think if It's not too much to ask you could do 2 more fluffy romances? One with me and Kai and another with me and Lloyd?
12/30/2013 c27 56ForeverDreamer12
Ooh can you do ZaneXNormal!Girl, proposing to you!?
12/30/2013 c26 HersheyChoco101
Awww! So cute! It was a bit short but really adorable! Thank you for doing my request! :)
12/30/2013 c26 3MoonieGracieMariahAndProngs
Tickle fights remind me of the movie Elf! Lol. Hugs, Moon.
12/30/2013 c26 Isla-Robin-295
Awww so cute :)
12/30/2013 c26 12Ninjaofmusic-Nya
XD that would SO happen to me!
12/30/2013 c24 NinjagoLuver32
I think I could wield a toothbrush for a weapon. Aim the bottom of it at your attacker(s) eyes, and you're free! Hopefully...I still have to try it out. *epic face*

Anyways, nice.
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