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for Force of Will Z

8/22/2018 c2 CUBE GUN d lol
lol good cvr
7/22/2018 c1 twisterblake2015
1/4/2015 c2 ExplodingQuasar
You should add team refrences, too. I always enjoy those.
6/22/2014 c2 1ssj3gohan007
Great story! I hope you still plan on continuing this story! It's new and original and a breathe of fresh air! Not only that but it cracked me up with how funny it was! :D
12/25/2013 c2 The shadow generator
This chapter was also pretty funny! Poor Yamcha. Even someone untrained in ki is stronger than him.
12/5/2013 c2 EgyLynx
Continued? Thanks of much, wery much!
11/12/2013 c1 Meep
Amazing start! And I don't mean to sound like a middle school English teacher, but you need to work on your grammar a bit
11/13/2013 c1 The shadow generator
You should write another chapter. I laughed the whole time I was reading this.
11/11/2013 c1 1Skar-the-Saibaman-Slayer
Skar here from DBM. Interesting idea for a crossover! I look forward to reading more.
11/10/2013 c1 EgyLynx

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