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for The Book, the Arrow, the Wind & the Chameleon

7/25/2016 c1 NatNicole
LOVE this!
2/22/2014 c1 2k+Hawki
It's kind of hard for me to review this. It's hard to explain, but I feel this is the kind of piece that has to be looked at as an "emotion/character piece" rather than a "structural piece." What makes it problematic is that there's only so much I can say on emotion/character without getting into really subjective territory.

But for what it's worth, in the context of emotion/character, I think it works well. Assigning each of the characters to a different house works well (contrast, opposites attract, etc.), and matches each of their established personalities - Rapnunzal was hard working, Merida was...um, brave (ducks flying object), Hiccup was intelligent enough to discover the dragons' true nature and Jack...well, I dunno. Of the host movies of the respective characters, I've only seen 'Brave' and 'How to Train Your Dragon' admittedly. I'll give further kudos in that each character manages to stand out.

So yeah. This probably isn't the most helpful review in the world, but like I said, reviewing it as a structural piece kinda goes against the point, not to mention this is linked to a larger, multi-chaptered story. So as far as said characterization goes, good job.
11/10/2013 c1 12Princess Unikitty
that was pretty good. liked the dialogue, rapunzel and the characterization in general. there wasn't much of a plot, though what was there was nice. really i have no complaints besides the fact that this wasn't really a crossover. more so an AU.

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