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for Happens in Threes

3/16/2014 c1 1MLP Ninjago
T_T (sniffs) that was sad!
2/10/2014 c1 2KayGirl12
Kates.. This is so beautiful... I love this oneshot so much..
11/15/2013 c1 21GeorgeAndrews
This is definately the best thing you have ever written in terms of style and wording. It was really deep and detailed and emotive. Well done, a very very good job!
11/11/2013 c1 44smuffly
The great thing about writing these challenge fics is that they really make you want to push yourself and try something new. I can tell you've done that here. It's different from your usual type of story and it's also really good - well done! The number theme works well and the structure is great - the story flows perfectly. The way you brought in Stella was very neat and the last paragraph finished the whole thing off so well, with the idea that Angel and Aiden had been watching Flack and protecting him all along. I also liked the idea that good things come in fours!
11/10/2013 c1 82NYwLove
I loved that a got a sneak peek of this and was able to help you out. It was a different take, but given your challenge, it was awesome! Though I totally want a future Lucy/Josh fic with them in their future roles!
11/10/2013 c1 12TheDeep
Well, gosh darn, I loved that! Definitely a different twist on the challenge, but it was written spot-on! Great work and my applause! That was awesome how you managed to get all of that in there! Very touching, and I loved how you touched on everyone: Aiden, Jess,... you know the list. ;) Great work!
11/10/2013 c1 35Mel1592
Wow, love it!

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