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6/13/2020 c37 7Cashmere67
Merry Christmas! :-D
6/13/2020 c2 Cashmere67
I have 80 points. A loaf of wheat bread with nuts for... Cashmere67!
1/6/2016 c50 31li'l fat necrosis
im not on your friend's list either, sophia. stop complaining about not being on mine until you stop being hypocritical.

also, stop reviewing random things on aspen's and i's stories. it's annoying and doesn't help us as authors at all. don't review at all unless you read; you know what we write, you can avoid reading it if you don't like it.
10/13/2014 c1 Sky of the Field
A weird question? Are you (obsessed,) I mean, do you PERFER District 9 more than others? Like my friends see me fangirl about 9 they're like, whats so grat about it? And I'm trying to find someone else who enjoys nine as much as me (for no good reason) reply back at , please
10/5/2014 c50 6LokiThisIsMadness
This was so sad.

Byeeee Rolandddd ;_;;

I'd give a 100000000/10 to this story.

3/28/2014 c50 8My-Mental-Mind
Top 5: Roland, Caty, Lilicon, Hydrangea and Jack.
Bottom 5: David, Aiden, Saffron, Diamond, Cloe

It's the end. Great story :)
I loved the idea of Roland's life and death. It was nicely done, and the end was heart wrenching :')
3/28/2014 c45 My-Mental-Mind
Woooooo! Roland won :)
I am very happy with the victor of the Hunger Games, seen as I was vouching for him! Roland has been quite a strong tribute throughout the Games, and although he seemed to be about to die, he still lived. My favourite parts of his story was when he became temporarily mute, and well as his love for poor Hydrangea. They were a wonderful love story, but they weren't built to last.
Truthfully, I couldn't be bothered to continue to correct the mistakes, because...well, CBA.
This was a good story, and I should get started on your second one soon. Hopefully, I can start to take apart what problems you may have. There were a few moments in this where I was like "What?", where the story confused me, and that the characters were not developed enough. If anything the only character I felt were developed was Roland and Caty. This makes me feel almost as if you intended for either Roland or Caty to win, but I doubt you did. Make sure to watch out for that next time. Space Age Dino recommended this story to me, so make sure you thank him, because you are now over 300 reviews thanks to me XD
I'll read the next SYOT.
Bye for now!
3/28/2014 c43 My-Mental-Mind
I loved Lilicon, although, she was a little OOC...well you can't blame anyone for craziness.

3/28/2014 c42 My-Mental-Mind
Well, I have been vouching for Lilicon and Roland all of this time, and I'm rather lucky for these guys to be winning. Yay! Favourite chapters! I reckon that that either Roland or Caty are going to win though. I might be wrong though...

3/27/2014 c35 My-Mental-Mind
SO, I wasn't sure whether or not to continue reading this story, because the characters were barely developed. Now however, you can see how the characters are developing a little.
David is going crazy, as is Eve. Lilicon is one of my favourites, so I hope she'll survive.
Caty...You idiot. For the male tribute to win, I am rooting for Roland. Those two are my favourites, although I like many of the tributes in this story.

3/27/2014 c26 My-Mental-Mind
OK. Good few chapters, but truthfully, I think that Atala seemed a bit OOC. She's portrayed as more of a serious and monotonous character, than one that speaks like dis mon.
Great writing anyway. I'm sorry for not reviewing on all of the chapters, but there wasn't much in terms of something to talk about, and I felt that getting through all of the training chapters was better. The boy from 1? The boy from 11? They're missing! I guess they're just anomalous tributes...

Bye for now!
3/26/2014 c21 My-Mental-Mind
Good chapter, but not much for me to expand on here.
Bye for now!
3/25/2014 c20 My-Mental-Mind
Hahaha! Alison seems interesting, and bless Elijah. I like him too :)

Bye for now!
3/25/2014 c19 My-Mental-Mind
Yeah...Aiden is dying isn't he?

3/25/2014 c18 My-Mental-Mind
Lance seems like a nice character. I like him.

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