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10/8/2014 c3 amber.lincoln3
Pleases more!
4/22/2014 c1 Random citizen
Please write more! I love this idea. It's just so rare! I really need some more feels. Help me out and write more soon!
1/25/2014 c3 MssCassandra
This is good
12/4/2013 c3 7Sesshomarus'Luver
I really like this story it's so sweet and funny and it always manages to surprise me. And I could see in my mind the look on Garras face when he got called dad and Kankaru telling him just teach him stuff with the sand it's so cute I love it
11/30/2013 c2 HappyReader
Great story. Please continue to update.
12/1/2013 c3 1CrystalBud
this is quite interesting
11/23/2013 c2 3clara200
Cute story the only thing that bugs me is his name. Gabriel is too western maybe his mom is fourien.
11/23/2013 c1 182-feathers-and-a-stone
This is a good story the idea of Gaara as a happy drunk made me laugh! I think that you have a .lot of potential honestly. I will give you one criticsm for you and that is that you need to be more confient in your writing. I would of never questioned any of the things you mentioned didnt cross my mind but once I read that I was like "wait thats right!" which ruined a lot of this. Be confident you got this I'll be following!
11/11/2013 c1 7Sesshomarus'Luver
I was iffy about this story at first but the more I read it the more enchanted I became. I found my lips twitching into a smile at Gaara's response. I just now got into naruto but from what I've seen so far( on episode 65) it's hard to see Gaara like this. But I love it it's cute and sweet please keep it up
11/11/2013 c1 Awesomeness2013
I'm your first reviewer:D so anyway, I think your story is great, I haven't come across a plot like this before, so I'll be looking forward to the updates. Maybe I should just do 5 reviews so you can get on with the story already. :)

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