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for The Hawkeye and His Magician Chick

1/10/2015 c9 Silvermane1
1/10/2015 c9 2shadewatcher
lol XD Poor Sacha, he has no idea who it is coming. But then again, Quirrel/Voldie has no idea what the muggle assassins are capable of when it come to protecting their kid. This should be interesting.

Wonder how long after introductions it'll be before Tasha or Clint puts a full clip on Voldie/Quirrel's head? XD
1/10/2015 c9 DarkRavie
Very good chapter. This story is great and I can't wait to read what happens next!
1/10/2015 c9 2blackangel150
Hahaha thats funny
1/10/2015 c9 wolfstreak
This is so nunus . Harry , Clint and Nat are really cute as a dysfunctional family . I'm looking forward to seeing Coulson come in . Where will he fit into their little world ? As a second father to Harry or an uncle of sorts ? Please update as soon as you can !
1/10/2015 c9 Valentina Alexandrea Sparrow
Noooo I wanttt morreeeeeeee
1/10/2015 c9 23Rori Potter
Oh wow. Update soon.
1/10/2015 c9 10Kai19
Oh no, Voldemort as a tutor, terrifying... but wouldn't Quirrell be under contract to teach at Hogwarts? And need to get the stone? So maybe it's someone else... don't wanna assume! Though I AM excited for the next chapter! Oh, one thing that I noticed: when talking about his childhood, Clint said that he refused to "robe", I'm guessing that it was supposed to be "rob". Just letting you know.
1/10/2015 c9 moondanceluna
love it great chap cant wait for more thank you for updating
1/10/2015 c9 32EroSlackerMicha
please don't have them accept the weak death eater.
1/10/2015 c9 AOB
You're still updating this? I can't even express how awesome that is! This story is glorious! You're glorious. If you want a grammar checker, I'd be more than willing to volunteer. I'm clueless about Marvel canon, but grammar is something I rock. (I also know loads about HP's old and revised canon, if that endears me whatsoever.) .

Thank you for sharing!
11/26/2014 c8 LunarisDraconis
I really love this story its amazing!
11/11/2014 c8 8Thorilian
Awesome more please
11/10/2014 c8 Jordan Ripley
quite enjoying the story - happy to beta a chapter if you'd like
10/21/2014 c8 1Lw117149
lol very nice more please when you can :)
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