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for The Hawkeye and His Magician Chick

5/29/2017 c14 AlternateRealitiesX2
Please continue
5/28/2017 c14 3lgbtlovechick
This is wonderful! I love the depth of all the characters, the fact that none if them are perfect or ideal, and the relationships they are building! Please write more!
3/30/2017 c10 13jessthereader13
Throughout the story I was like "I wonder if the cat is Loki...Be super awesome if it WAS Loki...The author keeps emphasizing the colors...". So when you reviled that the cat WAS Loki I was "YES! I KNEW IT! :D".
3/10/2017 c10 a person
I love this story so far I can't get enough of if
2/1/2017 c14 juniper81182
I have been listening to Hurts music while reading this. Their songs Somebody To Die For and Sunday kinda go with this story.
11/19/2016 c14 justaislinn
I'm really interested in this story, enough to follow it despite the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes making it difficult and confusing to read.
I honestly only ever understand about 80% of what's going on in this story due to all the errors in the writing, but it's interesting enough that I wanna keep reading anyways!
Write on:)
11/11/2016 c14 SoulMore
10/23/2016 c14 tamashiyuki
Be continued?
Very gooooooooooood!
10/15/2016 c14 lisa.francis.96780
very interesting story so far. very different
10/9/2016 c14 Mirage
its good that they found him, and that they did not do more than broken bones and some torture and mean words...
but i find it strange...what did happen to the bracelet, why did loki not know of this...or riddle...they both have a strong link to him...where this People light wizards? is his staff broken...
i think loki should atleast Show himself and talk with him...i mean he can start the courting...i is 15 and most go a year or two...and with 16 they more or less caunt as adult...so courting is not bad...i mean he cant think he only can Shows himself and been accepted as possible future mate...

i also dont understand why clint makes it so complicated with phill...he now can try to make him love him...and runs away or blocks him...i think they should put the two in a room for some days alone

i so hope they got some of those bastards alive...

hope you write soon more chapters, cant wait to see where this goes, ad what happens next

maybe even how Odin gets a good kick...and thor and his three henchmen-women also coud use some slapps to see clear and respect magic
10/9/2016 c11 Mirage
ahhh...the bracelet is like one of this chastity belts but more high tech...it warns when he Looks at other with interest and gets hot to burning when to mch interest nice but mean...
10/9/2016 c10 Mirage
cute, i was right with both...one of lokis forms is a cat, and Tom did leave the Castle as he did learn about Harry and the Tutor search...so it could only go like this...but poor phillipe caulson set up to court a male like some stud dog... but i think he likes it or would have faught it
10/9/2016 c9 Mirage
so when im right...is it Quirell who is his new Tutor...
10/9/2016 c7 Mirage
great that Nat talked some sence in Clint and that he meet his maybe again lover
10/8/2016 c14 huskielover94
this is great.. cant wait for more
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