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for The Hawkeye and His Magician Chick

10/8/2016 c14 Almonda
I am so glad I found this story today. I am really liking it and looking forward to the next chapter.
10/3/2016 c14 Daughter of Trickery
Awesome update soon!
10/3/2016 c14 1serenityselena
life is not easy for them, especially Harry but it seems that things are getting better...
can't wait to
10/1/2016 c14 Ariesp19
Can't wait for Loki again
9/30/2016 c14 2blackangel150
I really don't want John any where near harry
9/30/2016 c14 Afrodity
This was an excellent chapter, even if it was a short one! :) Poor Clint and Phil! I feel bad for those two. I do have to wonder if Clint is going to tell Harry about his coming back to the past as a do-over situation anytime soon. Keep up the great work and please update soon!
9/30/2016 c11 4MythNephthys
what is an earmouth?
9/30/2016 c14 kirsty21
9/29/2016 c14 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it!
9/29/2016 c14 1geetac
Torture sad
9/29/2016 c14 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
9/29/2016 c14 ripper34
Great chapter
9/29/2016 c13 Ilessthan3KH
This is AWESOME, SO glad I found it! :D
9/28/2016 c13 vampireharry the 2
This is really good! I look forward to more!
9/25/2016 c13 spk
Definitely intrigued by this. Started reading because I like the idea of Clint adopting Harry. It was surprised with Riddle as his tutor and Loki as his future lover. Not sure how I feel about that, but I'm interested to see where you take it. :)
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