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for Razor Wolfblade: the First Adventure

1/12/2014 c11 werewolf lover99
I really can't wait until the next chapter.
11/30/2013 c10 werewolf lover99
Totally mega awesome chapter.
11/24/2013 c9 werewolf lover99
I really can't wait until chapter 10 to see who's fighting who.
11/23/2013 c8 werewolf lover99
I really can't wait to see who's going to win between Sonic & Kung - Fu Man.
11/23/2013 c7 werewolf lover99
I really can't wait until chapter 8, because i have a feeling that there might be a twist & a surprise in that chapter.
11/20/2013 c6 werewolf lover99
By the title of the next chapter my guess would have to be Chip the light giga.
11/20/2013 c5 werewolf lover99
I really enjoy this chapter.
11/17/2013 c4 werewolf lover99
I really enjoy this chapter & to answer your disclaimers are a total waste of time.
11/15/2013 c3 werewolf lover99
I really do enjoy this story & just want you too know screw away update schedules & just write your own pace as long as your updating & it comes from your own heart, i'm good with it.
11/14/2013 c2 Pekiunai
Damn, nice story. An OC with a life he doesn't want (the "army dog" part), meets Sonic and defeats Egghead by himself . And you put in in game form! Really nice! When do you plan to update? I already wanna know more about Razor and if he'll officially team up with Sonic and co. Nice name btw. Maybe he could meet my oc? (I'm too lazy to put her up right now but I'll put it up soon. Just click my name)
11/13/2013 c2 werewolf lover99
Zoobilee Zoo was a very popular show in the 1980s' & 1990s' and ran through 2001.
The characters were Mayor Ben a leopard who's the leader of the show, Bill Der Beaver was a grey beaver who's the builder & the inventor, Look out Bear the adventurer of the group, Whazzat is the musical player, Bravo Fox is the drama king, Van go Lion is the painter, & the bird is the story writer of the show.
11/13/2013 c2 werewolf lover99
Noah Raymond Thompson is a male purple & gold colored 22 year old panda bear. He's 6'8 1045 pounds, has a Irish accent, is a club owner, is a neutral character, has silver eyes, gold shoes, earrings, a gold cross necklace around his neck, 14 lighting bolt shaped scars across his chest, & wears a eye patch over his right eye, a XXXXXL Diet Coke t-shirt, a 14 spiked collar, a black leather jacket, & a gray suit for his job & parties.
Abilities: can swim, plays drums, & can sing operas in Welsh, Irish, & Dutch
Dislikes: jeans, pumpkin pie, lemons, thunderstorms, roller coasters, smoke alarms, & heights
Likes: his step brother Spencer Daniel Ricardo, his wife to be Stacy Becks Hedgehog, his gold ultra mega quadrupled horse powered Harley Davidson motorcycle, computers, drama, onions, & playing tricks
Nickname: Flame Bear
Personalities: ultra mega flaming hot temper, sweet, gentle, kind, caring, playful, honest, sly, sneaky, sometimes, clueless, & goofy

Spencer Daniel Ricardo is a male gray, blue, red, silver, gold, & orange colored 22 year old gorilla. He's also a neutral character, is a bouncer, wrestler, & a college math teacher, has a Scottish accent, is 7'5 1300 pounds, has green & gold eyes, silver & gold shoes, earrings, chains, a silver & cross necklace around his neck, 16 lighting bolt shaped scars across his chest, & wears a Scrappy Doo tattoo on his left arm, a golden dragon tattoo on his right arm, a eye patch over his left eye, a XXXXXL Dr. Pepper t-shirt, 16 silver & gold bracelets with spikes on both his left arm & right arms & wrists, a 30 spiked collar, a gold leather jacket, & gold gloves.
Abilities: can swim, sing operas in French, Japanese, & German, & plays flute
Dislikes: jeans, pumpkin pie, smoke alarms, & lemons
Likes: His step brother Noah Raymond Thompson, his wife to be Cindy Rose Morgan, his silver & gold ultra mega quadrupled horse powered Harley Davidson motorcycle, sugary foods, drama, comic books, operas, soap operas, candles, adventures, kids, heights, roller coasters, & thunderstorms
Nickname: Big Bubba
Personalities: sweet, sly, cunning, sometimes clueless, a grand master planning attacks, sneaky, honest, polite, caring, lovable, gentle, helpful, cheerful, thoughtful, playful, mysterious, & ultra mega wise
11/13/2013 c2 11TheBreadghost
Not bad for a start. Your grammar could use improvement (I have to notice such a thing, as I am something of a grammar Nazi). I really like Razor, because my favorite animal is the wolf (as I'm sure you already know about me). Try not to make him into a Gary Stu character (a character that always wins in every way, shape and form). Your battle scenes are really good, and I noticed that you've modeled the story like a video game. That is a pretty unique style, and I've only ever seen it once before. I will continue to watch this.
11/12/2013 c1 werewolf lover99
I just want you to know that i to am a male & the reason why my pen name is werewolf lover99 is because when i was a little kid i love to howl full moons which i still do & dreamed that i was a Christian werewolf, but i would want to be a Christian gorilla instead. Do you think you could fit Noah Raymond Thompson a male purple & gold colored 22 year old panda bear & his half-brother Spencer Daniel Ricardo a male gray, blue, red, silver, gold, & orange colored 22 year old gorilla into this story for me please? BTW they are both neutral characters & they both hate wearing jeans. The only personal information i'm going to give you about me is that my birthday is January 1st. I also want to tell you my deepest secret but promise me your not going to laugh about it, but i love the show Zoobilee Zoo.

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