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6/10 c7 Teacuplevi
Awesome story.
5/25 c6 12Esmereilda
snape broke the taboo u never ever EVER insult whitebeard in front of one of the whitebeard as its very hazardous to ur health. albus should lucky that he only has to face one devision and not the whole crew and their captain given whitebeard's opinion of his sons
5/25 c5 Esmereilda
u keep pushing ur luck albus/snape and ur gunna learn just why the whitebeard pirates are so feared
5/25 c4 Esmereilda
poor dumbles now has to deal with rather annoyed pirates esp since he's gunna try and steal their capt XD
3/17 c7 Exodus12345
This still being written? It seems like it would be interesting to see Marco and his crew using Haki to fight off spells.
3/17 c6 Exodus12345
So Observation Haki is a joke to you? If anyone just popped into a Commander of Whitebeards rooms I am sure he would have noticed instantly and reacted.
3/17 c5 Exodus12345
It would be funny to see him bouncing spells back at them by using Haki.
1/26 c7 kasukager
What's the big idea making my such a huge cliffhanger?! Do you want us to die of anticipation? Honestly though, this is a good novel so far.
1/18 c7 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
12/27/2020 c7 danlocke7
My character Bio:

Name: Azathoth Chaos or according to the One Piece naming conventions Chaos Azathoth

Nickname: His friends family and shipmates call him "Aza"

Wanted Poster Picture: Messy Hair, Tan Complexion, a medium sized nose, a mouth that always has the makings of a smile, Sideburns but other wise clean shaven, and a prominent scar across his right eye

Bounty: 250,000,000

Wanted Poster Nickname: Chaotic Fighter

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6ft. 3in.

Weight: 250lbs

Devil Fruit/Haki Powers: I admit now that I'm not really familiar with One Piece so I leave the Devil Fruit and Haki Powers to you while I'd like my character to have one I don't know enough about them to give him one that would follow the rules of the show.

Personality: Friendly, easygoing, gets along with everyone provided they don't start off on the wrong foot (i.e. Snapes rant at Harry/Marco) HATES bullies with a passion and this extends to the Marines who he views as government sanctioned bullies. In a fight he tends to be wild and he has a habit of taunting enemies to get them to focus on him he also LOVES fighting and has the Stamina and Endurance to outlast all but the most skilled of opponents.

Physical Appearance: He stands every bit of his 6ft. 3 in. height with a muscular build he has a tan complexion showing he works in the sun often.

History: Grew up an orphan and never knew his birth parents but made peace with that fact and became fast friends with Harry/Marco over the shared experience of not knowing where they came from. Earned his bounty when he held off over 50 marines to buy Harry/Marco and the rest of the crew time to ready the Archimedes to escape from a trap with him jumping to the ship at the last minute.

Jobs on crew: Swordsman/Doctor

Weapons of Choice: Two custom made Four ft. six in. long sabers. I can't get the image I want to paste here but if you look up Turko-Mongol Saber I drew inspiration from that particular sword for the weapons my character uses.

Fighting Skills: Decent with unarmed combat he once killed five Marines bare-handed but nigh unstoppable with swords in hand he heavily favors going all in with his blades and combining his strength with his speed often times getting his enemies to miss him and hit their allies only the most fool-hardy or stupid are willing to go blade to blade with him in a duel as he is known for showing absolutely no mercy outside of a sparring match.

Special Attacks and Abilities: His special attack is a "Whirlwind of Blades" he moves so fast while slashing all around that it looks like he is using ten blades instead of two and if you are anywhere near him when he decides to use it you are not getting away unscathed or with all your limbs attached. His special ability is he is gifted when it comes to learning languages give him three weeks to learn a language and he'll be able to fool anyone into thinking that it's his native tongue.
11/20/2020 c6 jack26
I have an idea give Hedwig the human human fruit
11/10/2020 c1 Elizabeth loines
Please update soon
11/10/2020 c3 HollowSeven
So, uh...Haki?
11/7/2020 c7 8Chronos Hatter The Time Scribe
Interesting story so far, can't wait to see where it will go form here.
11/5/2020 c7 1Sword2006
-His name is Kenta.
-His nickname, given by the government, is Kazenokami.
-His reward is 69 million berries.
-He is 17 years old.
-Orange hair with a strand up, the rest is sideways (his hair is similar to that of Artur from Nanatsu)
-Big black eyes, very observant.
-He measures 1.70 and weighs 65.8 kg.
-It is a human.
-He controls observation Haki to perfection, and occasionally uses Armor Haki, although not much.
-It has the paramecia type fruit Kuki Kuki, which gives it the ability to control the air at will, being able to generate currents, block oxygen and create a wind armor.
-He is cheerful and positive, however, in times of great pressure he breaks down and takes on a negative personality. He's smart, but he doesn't brag about it. -He prefers to die before his companions due to the affection he has for them, however, like every human being, he fears death and is able to flee if the situation requires it. Despite that, he is quite proud and does not allow anyone to make fun of what he loves.
-He is an expert thief and navigator.
-When he was little, he was kidnapped and handed over to a group of mercenaries, who sold him at the slave house. Luckily for him, Fisher Tiger showed up just the day he would be auctioned and was able to escape. He wandered for two years as a thief to survive, until by mistake he infiltrated Whitebeard's ship thinking it was that of a mediocre pirate, Shirohige found him and offered to join his crew. Kenta met Marco and developed a strong admiration for him leading him to join their crew and be their navigator.
-Their fighting mode is mostly melee. Its fruit allows it to create a wind armor by moving the air around it at high speed and in different directions. In the same way, it can create strong wind impulses, to jump or move in the air. Kenta is extremely fast, standing out for it.
-As his final technique, he is capable of creating parts of his body from wind, even creating a wind wannabe, but that is a dangerous technique due to how tiring it is to do.
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