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for Falling and Failing

11/3/2017 c1 EyeEyetheCat
ewww, I didn't know Spock would chew the vegetation and then recycle it's matter into "oatmeal" substance by vomiting! And then purification his pee! Ugh! don't Ever trust a vulcan!
9/27/2017 c3 10NaginiFay
Eww, Spock, that's so sweet, lol.
11/18/2013 c2 Guest
The Force is with you, Anonymous, but you are not a Jedi yet.
Sorry; couldn't resist.

Anyway, I liked this chapter. It was a little slower than the last one, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you want to know which one I liked better... I can't really pick, to be honest. There were some aspects from the first chapter I liked (Such as the way Kirk's brain was muddled and the fact that Spock was scarily in character) and there were things I liked about chapter 2 as well, such as Spock's emotion and Kirk's somewhat sneaky eavesdropping. The only constructive criticism I can offer here is that Kirk is human and therefore, while he was by no means *calm* in this chapter, I feel that he would be even less calm in real life. On the other hand, he's James Kirk, so maybe he'd be just like this. I just think maybe in trying to make Spock show a bit more emotion, you may have accidentally (or was it on purpose?) caused Kirk to show less emotion.

But, that doesn't mean I didn't like this, because I did. I love the plot of this story. Keep it up. I'll be waiting on an update... please don't take too, too long. I know life gets in the way, though, so hey; it's all good. Have a great Holiday season!
11/18/2013 c2 SpaceGirl13
oh no oh no oh no. No way would you get me to do that. Poor Jim. He is so trusting of Spock and his ability. Don't get me wrong I love me some Spock, but sorry that is a job for Bones. Especially if Jim can FEEL and KNOW everything happening! To quote our fave doctor "I might puke on ya" in the next chapter! But of course this all makes for awesome drama so looking forward to next chapter! btw I like the foreshadowing you did there with the ensign's surgery Jim did and now with Jim's that Spock is doing. Let's hope it doesn't end like the ensign.
11/18/2013 c2 3numom1
Very enjoyable chapter. I especially enjoyed the medical stuff. I'm looking forward to a new chapter!
11/17/2013 c2 3See Me As I Am 101
11/13/2013 c1 Guest
Please update soon...any jim hurt is good for me!
11/13/2013 c1 See Me As I Am 101
I think its Jim's turn to be pinned/badly injuried. What if Spock has to operate on Jim (well, fix him) but it's a two man job so Jim has to help. Stuff the ensign. They always die anyway.
11/13/2013 c1 SpaceGirl13
On the edge here! Jim went splat and Spock is stuck..uh oh. Looking forward to next chapter!
11/13/2013 c1 Obsessive66
I actually enjoyed the mix of drama, extreme danger, and humour. I hope you continue with this.

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