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for The Wax Figure Fight

10/19/2019 c1 Kraven the Hunter
After the funeral, Mabel seemed to withdraw from the world. Nobody noticed what else she smuggled home in her luggage: a worn old journal and a wax head with a gag in its mouth. She would unlock the secrets behind these living sculptures, and once she did, her brother would live again.
8/2/2014 c1 1DarkSuicune2000
Dipper's dead?! Mabel had to witness it! Oh my god Mabel I feel so sorry for you! This is so sad! (and short)
7/30/2014 c1 TheRealSweaterLover
DIPPER DIED?! At least this is a fanfic! D: D: D: I have no words... D: D:

A sad Mabel Pines now

P.S. Smile Dip shall not cure this...
7/4/2014 c1 170RockSunner
You had Mabel stop fighting, so she dies too, right?
11/30/2013 c1 199griffon
ROTFL Wait, why am I laughing? Dipper is awesome! Seroisly Y I Laugh? I am Izzie (Total Drama Series) NOOOOOO! I AM CRAZY, THAT MUCH IS TRUE! BUT I DO NOT PLAY WITH DYNOMITE! SKYWARD SCREAM!
11/13/2013 c1 20MauMeow1
Yeah, we all want Dipper dead/beat up/bleeding somehow. For some reason the Dip seems to get the most death in fics, with Mabel dying after he's gone. :/
It was short, but the story was alright for its size. Not really much to read & review. Still, I can't say I like thinking of Dipper dying a thousand different ways from reading these, but it was a good "What if" and short...thing...one-shot...whatever.
11/13/2013 c1 RestlessRaggedandReckless

Well, I have to say, this was nicely creative. I liked it, even though I'm not too huge on death fics. Good job!

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