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for Josefine

4/2/2016 c3 Guest
I'm sorry but your chapters are a bit short and well your writing is a bit unrealistic and your story goes a little fast but it's still an alright idea. Yeah I know I'm a b**ch.
4/12/2014 c8 fanfo
1/25/2014 c6 6Eliza Spootkitten
I love this! Will you be continuing this story?
1/4/2014 c6 fan
longer please
12/3/2013 c5 fan
11/23/2013 c3 fanofthis
keep going
11/18/2013 c2 fanfi
make them longer
11/18/2013 c2 booklover457
i like dark lena always wished people would explore it more, but there should be a small good side to her
11/16/2013 c1 cassisbeast
Hmmm...twisted but good.

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