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for Sailor Moon Exposed : Series

6/27/2019 c6 4tigerlily124
Good job on this story! Thank you!
7/1/2016 c6 cherrystone.eli
You wrote this a while ago but just wanted to say that it was written so nicely!
4/15/2016 c6 SMSM92
OK AWESOME know you have to give us more! PLEASEEEE
9/6/2015 c6 GeminiEyes
wow that was a lot of story lol but I enjoyed it
11/16/2013 c6 smfan4ever72
Brilliant story...I loved it the first time I read it, and continue to do so every time I come back to it!
11/15/2013 c4 14Midnight Wrighter
Oh my gosh! I love this series so much! I read it about a year ago, and I thought it was truly amazing! I just joined like a month ago. I was just looking for separate parts of this series, when I see this consolidation of them! The best part is that this was updated today! You are an awesome writer! I was hooked to this series, and it is by far I think my favorite here on ! Please continue to write!
11/15/2013 c3 smfan4ever72
My favorite chapter, in one of my favorite stories! Thanks for reposting it!

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