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for Revolution (working title)

9/25 c8 Tagir
9/24 c8 CSgtKA
Please continue this!
5/12 c1 LadyKirsten
I am deeply saddened that this story seems to have been abandoned. I have been thoroughly entertained by it, and the premise thereof. Please consider continuing this.
5/3 c8 Tabitha Sullivan
Next chapter please
2/14 c8 Abigail Law
Pls update
1/24 c8 Keli0596
When’s the next chapter
12/25/2020 c8 Vanadir
Brilliant thank you for a great story
10/8/2020 c8 Wildcatatheart
please update soon snape isn't there
7/28/2020 c8 Ame's world
I really would have love to read more about this wonderful fanfic
Pleassseeee Pretty please with cherry on top
6/11/2020 c7 Wildcatatheart
ya know it just occurred to me... why doesn't Harry disown Tom Riddle?...
6/11/2020 c5 Wildcatatheart
miss spelling... potter several. not potter prewett
6/8/2020 c8 idek
Harry be setting a password as Jacobus et Lilium when I would have set the password as 'deathly flower pajamas'.
5/26/2020 c8 3PuffsOfPygmys
I hope there will be future updates! If not please know that I truely enjoyed readying your story!
5/23/2020 c4 3Charlee56
I realize that every author has SOME artistic license, but let's keep the basics believable. Hmm?
Pope John Paul the 16TH?!
And what is the timeline for this story; the 22nd century? With each and every Pope from now until then named John Paul?
5/15/2020 c8 Guest
I wish you had finished. I was having fun then it stopped. Daggummit!
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