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11/16/2013 c1 Guest
Finally! A fanfiction that Lisanna and Lucy are
best friend. I hate it when they are rivals.

Like the story, I hope you update soon
11/16/2013 c1 Deathsembrace137
Hey, nice start. Looking forward to more. You know I love me some lalu. This is a lalu right? Lol.

And thanks for the writers block tip. It's actually not so much that I have a block, as that I haven't had the time as much. When I started writing, my son was more a baby, and now he's a toddler, so I'm chasing him around, that tires me out, but also, since he's a bit older, I'm getting back out there, seeing friends and stuff. So yea, just not as much time. But I'm trying! I'm also starting a novel, which I've been plotting out, and I need to start writing soon, but it don't know of I can focus on that while writing my fanfics, so I'm debating what to do...
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