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5/1/2016 c15 2kurahieiritr JIO
Well it seem to me that the blood has begun to flow this time. The Ravens are the sworn enemies of Fairies, and it appears they have bitten off more than they can chew considering the torture devices are being brought out of Erza's collection to mete out a horrific form of justice that includes the Raven's own tactics in the end.
5/1/2016 c14 kurahieiritr JIO
The heartbreak of what has driven Lucy into Laxus arms is also the catalyst to create a new chapter in their lives it seems.

Poor Yukino is going to have a hard time focusing on her new Crimson key without drooling like crazy for a while it seems to me. The fact that the key embeds on the body as a tat is an awesome trick. Makes me wonder why all Celestial keys can't do that since it would prevent theft as it were.
5/1/2016 c13 kurahieiritr JIO
Interesting that Yukino gave her zodiacs to Lucy so she can pursue the Crimson keys. Was not expecting to see something like that but it does make sense.
5/1/2016 c12 kurahieiritr JIO
So Raven has gone rabid it appears. Good thing that Sting's her mate and it seems his power did a number on another Raven. good show on that one. I truly hope that the sick beasts get destroyed completely.
5/1/2016 c11 kurahieiritr JIO
I would love to be in the hunt for the Ravens at this point for what they have done to Lisanna. It is rather sickening, and I do believe it is beyond time that Ivan be handed his proverbial butt, alongside Minerva for this horrific event.
5/1/2016 c7 kurahieiritr JIO
Leave it to Laxus to save them when Lisanna goes little sister will tell mode. Laughed so hard as I read that. It seems to me that Lis has Laxus' number on multiple levels. Loved how Lucy in her obliviousness of her sex appeal starts doing things that would be considered flirty and has no realization. It's a nice rounded chapter I think.
5/1/2016 c6 kurahieiritr JIO
Good Lord. I feel so sad for Gray over this one. Looks Like Lisanna's pervy side has totally become Gray's final downfall. At least Lucy still has her innocence in tact image wise more or less. The fact Gajeel had her perform to What does the fox say in a bunny suit sounds about as hilarious as hilarious can get. Would love to see that done in the anime. Hehehe.
5/1/2016 c4 kurahieiritr JIO
got to give it to you. I am loving the fact that Lisanna isn't the rotten shrew so many make her out to be in the fic realm most of the time. For that I am grateful. I am loving your portrayal of her character.
5/1/2016 c3 kurahieiritr JIO
This story is cracking me up so far. I love the pervy view of Lisanna's personality you've got going on here. She is hilarious and well written. Think she would indeed make a good match for Bickslow with this kind of characterization. hehehe. she'd sure give the man a run for his money me thinks.

The fact she's got Lucy peep toming and being an overall pervert herself is all the better.
3/14/2016 c18 3CelestialVirgo
Ah ok i dont even understand how we got to Hydra part and lucy being the savior how do they know what to do especially Loke, plus i cant really relate the role of the dragon slayers. I understand the take over part due to lis' depression..
11/12/2015 c1 darling03
That's... Kinda creepy... But good!
11/5/2015 c20 1Marie-S-Raven
Awww! I love it!
7/28/2015 c20 iheartpickles
Thanks for the Laxus! Lalu is da bomb!
4/22/2015 c3 1krazyanimegrl763
Omg this is so funny, first fanfic in a month that's actually made me laugh!
1/30/2015 c20 11mythmagykfae
Loved it! It was pretty dark but awesomely so. Also the couples are great and your writing style is fantastic!
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