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3/25/2022 c1 kyletjebest
can you update the story soon
3/9/2020 c17 6NoRoleModelz98
Yas you're back!
3/8/2020 c17 Guest
13 do 50
9/28/2019 c16 Guest
11/8/2018 c16 jacksavage4731
Weres the next chapter
5/26/2018 c16 CrazyWolf632
when are you going to finish this please want to know asap
3/21/2018 c16 2Lunar Cleric
Please update
3/7/2018 c5 Guest
Still barely understandable enough to read...pls do get a beta word fixer
1/7/2018 c16 redwolf23456
great story so far
10/26/2017 c16 Yoitsyaboi big e
When is it coming back please let us know

PS it's ya boi
10/14/2017 c5 Yoitsyaboi big e
Is it dead yet I hope it's not cus I loved this story since I read the first chapter please make more!
4/23/2017 c15 7Nero Kirigaya
I am tired of finding really good stories that are not fucking finished please come back to this story I need it it's an amazing story and needs to continue
4/6/2017 c5 1MasterObi-Wan674
Alright, I'll forget. Wait. DANG IT. Anyway, great story man.
3/10/2017 c15 2capnbooth4
Update soon.
7/16/2016 c14 Guest
good job bud keep it up
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